This Year’s Surgeons Vs. Chefs Great Pumpkin Carve Off is Oct. 29th

The sixth annual Surgeons vs. Chefs Great Pumpkin Carve-Off is this Saturday, October 29th. This festive and fun event will test the carving skills of three orthopedic surgeons and three local chefs. Judging will be based on precision, skill, and creativity. 


Brookwood Baptist Health has partnered with the Market at Pepper Place to host this local event. There will be more than just a live pumpkin carving. You’ll get the chance to enjoy decorating mini pumpkins, trick or treating at vendors’ tents, face painting, and even balloon animal fun. Halloween Costumes are encouraged along with cheering on your favorite competitor. 

The competitors include:

  • Ryan Cordry, DO
  •  Lloyd Johnson, MD
  •  Robert Wolf, MD
    Versus three local chefs:
  • Chris Hastings, HOT & HOT FISH CLUB | OVENBIRD

The Event is at 10am and FREE for everyone. It is located at the Pepper Place Market – Demonstration Area in front of Richard Tubb Interiors, 2829 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233.

Rain or Shine, come enjoy this Halloween inspired event with your friends and family. 

Alabama weekly nature roundup – October 22-28, 2016


The drought continues to grow. State Parks Amendment 2 sparks debate. Anniston and Birmingham inch closer to designating National Parks with a visit from Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell.

And of course, Halloween is fast approaching, so the weekend is filled with wonderfully “scary” events and fundraisers.

A very busy week.

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A Guide for First Time Voters

November 8th is just around the corner and although you’ve been registered to vote for weeks now, you’re realizing you don’t exactly know what to expect. You find yourselves reading over the simplified directions that were in your mailbox over and over again. For those waiting patiently for what might seem like your final rite of passage, here is a voter’s guide to satiate your confusion.

Just Vote Anyways

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About Bham Now

modern Vulcan head

What is Bhan Now?   We are the mobile, modern guide to Birmingham.

What is our mission?  Our mission is to help create a better, smarter, healthier, more forward-moving Birmingham.  

Why the head?  The teal bearded head represents a modern, hipster Vulcan.  It was designed by Min Sun Lee, local Birmingham artist.

What is our focus?  Bham Now is focused on new business, innovation, jobs, nature and having fun in the ‘ham.  Bham Now is NOT the go-to site for football scores, crime or weather unless it is a social issue.

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Decisions About I-20/59 Will Impact Neighborhood And Business Potential For the Next 50 Years (Part 2 of 3)


By Cary Estes

The view from the corner of 23rd Street and 14th Avenue North is actually quite lovely. That is, as long as you keep your gaze fixed in the direction of the downtown skyline and don’t look at the area immediately around you.

Photo: Cary Estes for Bham Now

This part of Birmingham sits atop a small bluff, providing a nice panoramic view of the downtown buildings barely a mile to the south and the ridge of Red Mountain off in the distance. But turn around and you are greeted with the sight of a dilapidated abandoned house.

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UAB Writer Series to feature Dana Walrath, Oct. 28

“I love margins and edges and always look to cross borders and boundaries.” says Dr. Dana Walrath, who will be speaking on creative writing at UAB on Oct. 28th.

Dana Walrath
Dr. Dana Walrath

Walrath appears to have quite a unusual mix of talents.  Anthropology. Writing.  Art. Most recently she published a memoir, “Aliceheimer’s: Alzheimer’s Through the Looking Glass,” — chronically the 3 years she spent with her mother, Alice, before and during dementia.

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Anniston’s Freedom Riders Park and Birmingham’s Civil Rights District one step closer to National Park Status

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This week in Alabama, two prominent places in U.S. history will be a step closer to becoming National Parks.

On Thursday, October 27th, U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell will be conducting two public hearings to consider designating both Freedom Riders Park in Anniston and the Birmingham Civil Rights District as National Parks.

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Alabama weekly nature roundup – October 15-21, 2016


Our top story today and for the coming week is the announcement that Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will be visiting Anniston and Birmingham to hold public hearings on whether to recommend to President Obama several civil rights sites for National Monument designations.

In Birmingham, the proposed park would include landmark sites such as the 16th Street Baptist Church, where in September 1963, four little girls were murdered by a bomb planted by the Ku Klux Klan.  Also included in the proposal,  the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, which houses archives and exhibits documenting the events of the city’s past, and various other historic sites within the civil rights district.

In Anniston, the proposed National Monument designation will focus on sites where the Greyhound bus carrying the Freedom Riders in 1961 were ambushed in downtown Anniston, and outside town where there was an attack on the Freedom Riders and the bus burning that shook a nation took place.


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Mobile, AL welcomes new Stephen King movie production

Attention Stephen King fans, Mobile, AL is hosting your favorite author’s new film production. Gerald’s Game, a 1992 novel, will be shot almost entirely in Mobile. Filming will last through November, plenty of time for you to try to make a trip to visit the set.

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