6th Annual Surgeons vs Chefs Pumpkin Carve Off


The 6th Annual Brookwood Surgeons vs Chefs Pumpkin Carve Off is back and at the Market at Pepper Place on Saturday, October 29th!

Brookwood Baptist Health has partnered with the Market at Pepper Place to present the 6th annual pumpkin carving contest. This festive event shows off the best of what Birmingham is known for – doctors and chefs! Top orthopedic surgeons are pitted against top chefs to win the live carving contest. Pumpkins will be judged on precision, skill and creativity. Possibly the best part, it is FREE and open to the public.

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Beach Boys Fans Rejoice! Brian Wilson is Coming to Birmingham

brian wilson pet sounds concert
Brian Wilson, the lead singer of The Beach Boys, is currently on tour in honor of the 50th anniversary of “Pet Sounds” – one of the most magical albums ever (okay, that’s totally my opinion, but it really is a masterpiece).

Wilson will be making a 2017 tour stop at the BJCC Concert Hall along with his band to perform “Pet Sounds” in its entirety. Fans will also hear some of their favorite Beach Boys tunes and solo material of Wilson’s.

I will refrain from making any Beach Boys puns… LOL just kidding – wouldn’t it be nice to see you there! God only knows that you’ll have FUN FUN FUN.

Check out the legend playing live on May 9th! Tickets go on sale October 21st at 10AM. More info here.

Avondale Featured on BuzzFeed as Most Hipster Neighborhood in Alabama

avondale mural
Photo by @divadanner / Instagram

BuzzFeed recently posted an article detailing the “most hipster neighborhood” in each state, and Birmingham represented!

To be fair, Where Is Williamsburg? Should be credited to locating our Avondale. Where Is Williamsburg? is an app for “trendy folk” to use when traveling so they can find like-minded people and communities – even in states they wouldn’t normally think like-minded people would inhabit.

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Uncorked! On the Green Returns – Sat., October 8th, 2016

Uncorked on the Green

Free craft beer and fine wine tasting festival in Birmingham? Count. Us. In.

Have you ever walked down the beverage aisle of your local grocery store and wondered just what IS a Little Sumpin Sumpin, Dale’s Pale Ale, Two Hearted Ale, Vanillaphant or Bearded Lady? Here’s a chance to indulge your curiosity and sample over 50 craft beers from around the world along with many fine wines for FREE!

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Birmingham Library Hosts a Six-Word Food Story Contest


You know the feeling you get after you finish a book? Sometimes hopeful, mostly empty. What if I told you that you can get that same feeling but only after six words? And this time, the stories are about food… So the empty feeling will be felt in your stomach and not your heart.

The Birmingham Public Library is hosting a contest that will do just that.

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Lady and the Trump The Musical – A Birmingham Production

Coming to a theater near you… (more specifically, the Comedy Club Stardome in Hoover), in what’s best described as “this political season’s comedy blockbuster”, Lady and the Drumpf The Musical is slated to make jabs at politics on all levels, ranging from local to the ultimate future POTUS – and we can’t wait.

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25 Birmingham Art Prints You Need in Your Life


We’re kicking off a new series where we find and gather the unique arts and crafts inspired by all things local. Here is a list – in no particular order – of 25 Birmingham art prints that you need in your life!

Whether you’re dressing up your walls or gifting to a friend, I dare you to go through this list without purchasing one of these beautiful prints.

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Type Fast, Fail Hard: Hand-Writing Notes Deemed More Effective Than Typing


The professors in my major classes did not allow laptops or tablets in class (and if they did, they were very strict about it). Crazy right? Turns out, they were actually onto something.

Although a common reason for my professors not allowing technology in class was the distraction factor for them, the user, and the class as a whole, a latent (and now proven factual) reason for not allowing technology is also this: you don’t retain as much by typing as you do when hand-writing.

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7 Alabama Artists You Must See When They Come to Town

We all know that Alabama is no stranger to talented musicians. Lionel Richie, Brittany Howard, Jason Isbell, and Jimmy Buffett – to name a few. Whenever they come back home, it’s always a fun celebration. Well, we have some Alabamians coming into town, and we want to celebrate!

This list of Alabama musicians and bands are varying in degrees of popularity, but one thing remains the same – all of these shows will be worthwhile and there is definitely at least one that you will enjoy.

Consider this to be your ultimate guide to Alabama musicians and their upcoming local concerts. Read on to see who is coming to town, when, where, and how much tickets will run you. Shows are listed chronologically, of course!

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The Bham Now Team Celebrates #CollegeColorsDay

As college football season is (finally) here, so is another tradition: College Colors Day! This annual celebration is observed nationwide by students, parents, family, fans, and alumni. To celebrate, all you have to do is wear your college team’s colors or college/university apparel.

The Bham Now team has decided to honor this tradition by donning our colors and answering some questions about our beloved schools! The team represents 4 Birmingham area universities; Samford University, the University of Alabama, the University of Montevallo (which does not have a football team), and the University of Alabama at Birmingham (which had a football team, then didn’t, now has one again – YAY).



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Alabama’s Smartest Colleges & Universities: Top Ten

Photo retrieved from AL.com

Niche recently posted their rankings for the top 10 Alabama colleges with the smartest students. Factors that were considered in the equation and their weight are as follows:

Student survey responses – 35%

SAT/ACT scores in 25th percentile – 35%

SAT/ACT scores in 75th percentile – 30%

Read on to see the list.

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