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Adult Education student (2nd on left) works alongside CTE program, Robotics students. (Lawson State)

Are you looking to kickstart your education? You need to check out Lawson State Community College’s Adult Education Program. Read on to discover why students are raving about the program and how you can earn eight credits (for free!) to start your college career. 

1. Get your GED or High School Diploma

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Instructor interacting with a student enrolled in Adult Education Program. (Lawson State)

You’ve decided to take that first vital step toward beginning your college education. Congrats! It’s a big step, but one you’ll be glad you took. So what will you need to do first? Our suggestion—enroll in Lawson State’s Adult Education Program and earn that GED or High School Diploma.

The GED covers the four core subjects—math, science, social studies and language arts. Through Lawson State’s Adult Education Program, you’ll receive quality instruction and guidance on everything you need to know about this important exam, from study tips to practice tests.

  • You’ll gain access to more jobs, advanced workplace training + higher education.
  • You’ll increase your earning potential by an average of over 9,000 annually.

You can also earn a nontraditional high school diploma through Lawson State’s Adult Education Program. If you did not pass all parts of The Alabama High School Graduation or Exit Exam, received a High School Completion Certificate or you dropped out of high school, you’re qualified.

2. Further your education with Lawson State’s Career Pathways

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Lawson State’s Adult Education Program can get your foot in the door to a career you love. (Lawson State)

Once you’ve taken those essential steps and received your GED or high school diploma, it’s time for that first real peek into possible career options through Lawson State’s Adult Education Career Pathways program. This unique program provides short-term training opportunities for qualifying students enrolled in the Adult Education Program.

Whether your goal is to become a certified nursing assistant, work in the construction industry or pursue another career, these fast-track opportunities are designed to quickly train individuals for employment in high-demand fields. Here are some things you’ll gain from the program:

  • Professional hands-on instruction from top-notch faculty
  • Foundational + occupational skills that local employers are currently seeking
  • Instructional strategies, support, credentials + employer connections

BONUS: You can earn TWO free college classes.

Endless opportunity! Lawson State will not stop supporting you after you pass the GED or earn your non-traditional high school diploma. You can enroll at Lawson State Community College to take your first college class free of charge, or you can enroll in one of their Alabama Career Essentials/Mobilizing Alabama Pathway options that prepare you to make a smart career choice and earn a state recognized credential. The completion of ACE and MAP will earn you an additional class for free.

Ready to jumpstart your college career? Learn more + enroll in Lawson State’s Adult Education Program. 

3. Learn from stand-out faculty + staff

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Adult Adult Education participating in a community event. (Lawson State)

Faculty and staff who go the extra distance in helping students succeed is essential when pursuing your education. This is an area where Lawson State’s Adult Education Program shines.

“The faculty puts forth the effort to ensure students enrolled in classes receive the best instructional services they can, providing a welcoming, caring and engaging learning environment.”

Gwendolyn Ekundayo, Adult Education Director, Lawson State Community College

According to Ekundayo, Lawson State’s Adult Education team go above and beyond to provide students a superior learning environment by ensuring they have the following:

  • Necessary learning tools + technology for career enhancement
  • Access to snacks + beverages when hungry during class
  • A place to refocus when needed

What do students say about Lawson State’s Adult Education Program?

Lawson State
These December 2022 graduates earned a GED or high school diploma through the Adult Education Program. (Lawson State)

What do students to say about Lawson State’s Adult Education Program? We spoke with three students enrolled in the program to find out:

  • JaMuriel White: “The teachers are the best thing about this program. They truly do everything in their power to help your get your GED and set you up for a better future.”
  • Tanja McNeil: “The best thing about the program is that it gives everyone an opportunity to push further with their education. Plus, it’s free.”
  • Derrick Moore: “I decided to enroll in the program so I could have a better future and better life by learning a new trade and by getting my GED. The best thing about this program is that it helps you improve your skill set.”

How to sign up

Like what you’ve learned about Lawson State’s Adult Education Program? It’s time to take that first important step and enroll. 

All you have to do is fill out this form and you’ll be on your way to elevating your career.

To learn more about Lawson State Community College and the many programs it offers, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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