How are singles meeting in a pandemic? We asked + you answered, Birmingham

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Single and ready to mingle? Photo via The Pizitz’s Facebook

Meeting new people can already be complicated, but throw in a pandemic and it’s just downright confusing. We were curious about the methods people in The Magic City are using to meet and mingle nowadays so we conducted some fun polls on our Instagram and this is what we found.

So, are people even still dating right now?

That’s a loaded question, but people are finding unique ways to meet new people. Here’s what we found from the results of our January 2020 poll on Instagram.

You prefer to meet people at a bar or going out.

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You’re more likely meeting people while being active rather than at a virtual service or worshiping.

poll 2 How are singles meeting in a pandemic? We asked + you answered, Birmingham

You’d rather meet people while enjoying a mutual hobby rather than at a civic club or event.

poll 3 How are singles meeting in a pandemic? We asked + you answered, Birmingham

If none of these sound like you, you’re not alone.

Slide into those DMs.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß via Unsplash

Turns out that sliding into people’s DMs on Instagram isn’t as cliché as I thought. Quite a few people suggested using a social media app like Instagram to meet people virtually.

Single, ready to mingle and looking for a relationship? In one of our previous articles about dating in Birmingham during the pandemic, we were introduced to local dating app, Set Me Up. Unlike your typical dating apps, the service takes your personal interests and matches you with someone in your area who matches your boundaries, preferences, personality traits and other aspects. To promote safety among users, Set Me Up has COVID-19 regulations so you feel comfortable when it’s time to go on that first date.

Stick to your daily routine.

Some people want to take things easy and hope to meet other single people either at the park, bookstore or coffee shop. Looks like Birmingham has some hopeless romantics.

As a matter of fact, you may have seen a Birmingham local on Tik Tok doing just this.


Next time attempt will be at Whole Foods #nodatingappdecember also I’m gonna challenge @joelfromnashville to stop using dating apps this month

♬ she wolf –

It all started back in October 2020, when Julia decided to ditch her dating apps after some poor experiences and ghosting. In December, she posted a Tik Tok of her giving a guy her number at an O’Henry’s coffee shop. That moment of courage landed her over 1 million views and 48,000 followers on the popular app.

I asked Julia for some pointers and this girl knows a thing or two.

Where do you like to to go to meet singles in Birmingham?

Caveat Coffee, Birmingham
Caveat Coffee in Homewood, AL. Photo via Bham Now

“The BEST place to meet someone in Bham is Caveat Coffee in Homewood. Especially on Friday afternoons because there is a great mix of college students and young professionals. I actually met someone and started up a conversation with him about our careers. It turns out he had a wife, but even then it was a fantastic way to network! The night scene is a little more intimidating for me personally, but I know there are plenty of bars downtown like Paper Doll with a lot of single people.”

Any tips for making the first move when you see someone who interests you?

“My best advice for meeting someone organically and approaching them is to remember your energy introduces you before you even speak! Try to observe them in a friendly way and see if there’s something in common you two might have. My go-to is always complimenting their outfit.”

Do you plan on re-downloading dating apps in the future? If not, are you hoping to meet someone casually while you’re out or during your daily routines?

“This detox has helped me realize what I want and put things into perspective. Maybe one day I can return to online dating, but honestly I love where I’m at right now!”

When meeting singles isn’t a priority and you’d rather just play it safe.

Not dating or looking to meet new people during a pandemic? You’re in the same boat as many other people in Birmingham who would rather wait until it’s safer to actively meet singles out on the town. If this sounds like you, I’m right there with you, but fingers crossed that we’ll return back to a sense of normalcy later this year.

So how are you dating during a pandemic in Birmingham? Let us know on social @now_bham on Twitter + @bhamnow on Instagram.

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