20 of the hottest toys this holiday season at Books-A-Million, including an X-10 Genesis Drone


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Find all the top holiday toys at Books-A-Million. Photo via Books-A-Million

The 2018 holiday season is upon us. Have you started your shopping yet? If toys are on your list this year, Books-A-Million has an amazing selection that will make you say “Wow!” Check it out.

The Magical World of Harry Potter

Where would we be without The Magical World of Harry Potter? A much less creative and imaginative Muggle World, I suppose. Let your imagination run wild with these especially spellbinding Harry Potter items from Books-A-Million.

Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat

To be a true Harry Potter fan, you absolutely need to know which house you represent. Are you ambitious and cunning like a Slytherin? Or dedicated and patient like a Hufflepuff? There’s only one way to find out—let the Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat sort it out.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, BAM, Harry Potter, Harry Potter Sorting Hat
Which Harry Potter House do you represent? Photo via Books-A-Million

Buy now.

Harry Potter Clue Board Game

This special edition includes unique rotating wheels that change aspects of the game mid-play, making no two games alike. So be sure to watch out for those secret passages and moving staircases!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, BAM, Harry Potter, Harry Potter Clue Game, board games, toys, games, holiday gifts
Can you solve the mystery of the vanishing student in the Harry Potter Clue Board Game? Photo via Books-A-Million

Catch a Clue to find out the whos, whats, wheres and hows. Purchase now!

Harry Potter Code Names

It’s all about solving the case when you play Harry Potter Code Names—a fun, easy-to-learn cooperative word and picture deduction game. During the game, teammates must locate secret agents concealed among a grid of Harry Potter references. The tricky part: you must guess using only one-word clues.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Harry Potter, Harry Potter Code Names, Harry Potter games, toys, games, holiday gifts
You’ll need to take off the Sorting Hats and put on your thinking caps to win the Harry Potter Code Names game. Photo via Books-A-Million

Do you have the Harry Potter Smarts to win the game? Find out!

Interactive Pets

Pets are great, but they can be a lot of work. What’s the next best thing? Interactive pets, of course! Check these out:

Fingerlings T-Rex – Ironjaw

If you have kids then you’ve most likely heard of the newest Fingerlings craze. Just one interaction with them and you’ll understand why. From baby dragons and unicorns to monkeys and dinosaurs, there’s a menagerie of Fingerlings to choose from.

My favorite is the Fingerlings T-Rex. Simply flip a switch and this interactive pet instantly comes to life—all while gripping adorably to your finger. There is just something awfully sweet and funny about this little guy, isn’t there? But the real question is, do you have what it takes to tame it?

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Fingerlings, toys
Can you tame your Fingerlings T-Rex? Photo via Books-A-Million

Find their soft side and it will nuzzle and purr. But unleash their inner beast and it will roar, hiss and chomp. See—sweet, yet funny and slightly startling.

Buy yours.

Fingerlings Mad Libs Junior

Mad Libs—one of the easiest and most entertaining games to play when you’re young. I have to say, this game gave me some truly hilarious moments as a kid. But have you checked out the Fingerlings Mad Libs Junior version? It’s even made the game a whole lot cooler!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, BAM, Fingerlings, Mad Libs, toys, games, Fingerlings Mad Libs
Fill out 21 stories in this Fingerlings Mad Libs Junior game. Photo via Books-A-Million

Based on traditional Mad Libs, this new version is both fun and interactive. Bonus: you can use your very own interactive pet while playing the game. That Fingerlings T-Rex just took Mad Libs to the next level!

Buy now.

Kids and Family Games

The holidays are about family togetherness. If you’re looking for ways to get the whole family together, get the 411 on these fun, laughter-inducing games available at Books-A-Million.

Speak Out Kids vs Parents Game

This hilarious family game will have everyone rolling on the floor in side-splitting laughter.

Speak Out–Kids vs. Parents game puts kids against parents as each player tries to say a different phrase while wearing a mouthpiece. Here’s the kicker-the mouthpiece looks like something from the dentist’s office that doesn’t let you shut your mouth. Yep, it’s totally ridiculous, which is why it’s so hilarious!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, games, Speak Out Kids vs Parents, holiday shopping, holiday gifts
Are you ready to laugh with Speak Out Kids vs Parents? Photo via Books-A-Million

Not only will speaking around the mouthpiece be difficult, but deciphering what the other team is saying through the laughter will be quite a challenge too!

Purchase now and bring your family together for laugh-out-loud fun.

Monopoly-Cheaters Edition

Rules can be good, but sometimes, you just want to be a little bad. So let loose your inner cheater and break the rules in this Monopoly-Cheaters Edition game. Make sure you don’t let your rule-abiding conscience slip out either because in this game, only the cheaters are rewarded!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Monopoly, Monopoly Cheaters Edition, games, toys
Let out your inner cheater in Monolopy-Cheaters Edition. Photo via Books-A-Million. Photo via Books-A-Million

Buy it here.

Plush Toys

Plush. Just saying the word out loud can make you feel cozy inside. If you know someone who likes animals and cuddling, these plush items are the ideal gift.

Skippyjon Jones (With Plush Cat)

With his big ears and wild imagination, Skippyjon is no ordinary Siamese cat. No way! This frisky kitten dons a mask and cape to become El Skippito, the great sword-fighting chihuahua ready to battle banditos and one bad bumble-beeto.

What’s extra special about this gift set is that it includes a complete hardcover edition of Skippyjon Jones, plus a soft and fuzzy Skippyjon stuffed animal, complete with maskito!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, BAM, Skippyjon Jones, gifts, book gift sets, gift sets, holiday shopping, holiday gift sets
Are you ready for the adventures of Skippyjon Jones? Photo via Books-A-Million

Skippyjon Jones is a favorite in my house, yes indeed-o. It’s cute, funny and full of wild imagination—three things that make the perfect read for you and your kiddo.

Buy now.

Petto Face Pillows

Petto Face Pillows are the ultimate plush find for anyone who loves animals. Each has its own name and personality too, which makes them an instant companion for its lucky owner.

Kisshu the panda, has quite the sweet personality. Not only is she a kind, friendly good listener, but she also loves vanilla ice cream and watching TV.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Kisshu Petto Face Pillow, Kisshu, Petto Face Pillow, animal pillows
Kisshu, Petto Face Pillow. Photo via Books-A-Million

Her friend Keiko the cat is a winning choice, too. She is kind, well-mannered and very polite. She also happens to love doughnuts with sprinkles!

Action Toys

If you are shopping for a fun-loving adventure enthusiast, then try out these action-packed games from Books-A-Million. Best of all, the whole family will love them!

Yo-Yo Book & Kit

Can you guess what toy lands on the list for most popular of all times? If you guessed the yo-yo, you’re absolutely right! Now you can boost your skills and become a yo-yo master with this Yo-yo Book & Kit. Inside, you’ll find not one, but two yo-yos, and a variety of tricks to learn.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, yo-yos, Yo-yo Kit, Yo-Yo Books, toys, games
Become a yo-yo master with this Yoyo Book and Kit. Photo via Books-A-Million

Now when someone says “Walk the dog”, you’ll have something much more exciting up your sleeve. Yo-Yo now.

Nightzone Capture The Flag Game

Watch the bases light up and try not to get tagged when you play this exciting Nightzone Capture the Flag Game. It definitely puts a fun twist on a popular classic game.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Nightzone Capture The Flag, BAM, toys, games
Nightzone Capture The Flag – an exciting twist on a popular game. Photo via Books-A-Million

Included in the game:

  • Red and blue light-up flags and bases
  • 6 AAA and AG3 batteries

Buy it here.

LED Snowball Striker

Snow in Alabama? Well, every once in a blue moon, but not hardly enough! Happily, there is a way to enjoy some snowflake fun–with the LED Snowball Striker. This toy stirs up the excitement of a snowball fight, but without the cold. I have to say, that is a definitely pro! Its color-changing LED snowballs are pretty cool, too. Who wouldn’t love a snowball fight in the dark?

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, LED Snowball Striker, toys, games
Have fun in any season with the LED Snowball Striker. Photo via Books-A-Million

To keep the action going, be sure to stock up on the LED Snowball Striker Refill Kit.

X-10 Genesis Drone

Ready…set…drone! If you’ve been wondering what all the hype is about flying a drone, now’s the time to try it with the X-10 Genesis Drone Odyssey. This isn’t just any drone, either. This one is pocket-sized, which makes it perfect for beginners! What makes this drone especially cool is that it is small enough to fit through even the tightest cracks and around the sharpest corners.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, X-10 Genesis Drone, drones, toys, games, flying toys
The X-10 Genesis Drone fits in your pocket! Photo via Books-A-Million

Fly it here.

Stocking Stuffers

Phew! You’ve purchased all of the big toys that were on your holiday shopping list. You can finally prop your feet up and rela… oh no! You forgot the kids’ stockings! For all the best stocking stuffers, here are some of Books-A-Million’s silliest, squishiest and smallest stocking stuffers that will fill those socks and have your child grinning from ear to ear!

Surprise Toys

If there’s one thing every kid loves, it’s surprises! Now you can give everyone on your list a surprise gift with L.O.L. Surprise Pets.

What’s inside? Is it a bunny, a kitty or an ultra-rare hamster? There’s only one way to out—start unwrapping!

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, L.O.L. Surprise Pets, toys, games
What surprise will you get in your L.O.L. Surprise Pets toy? Photo via Books-A-Million

Toys That Make You Say Eww!

Along with surprises, kids love toys that make their parents say eww! Make your kid giggle in the gross-ness that comes with Unicorn Snot, Crazy Aaron’s Dino Poop Thinking Putty and Holiday Glitzi Slime!


Birmingham, Books-A-Million, Unicorn Snot, toys, games, gifts
Unicorn Snot will have your kids laughing, while you say “Eww!” Photo via Books-A-Million

Squishy Toys

One…two…three… and squiiiiish! Now repeat. If you know someone who loves to squish things, Books-A-Million offers an spectacular selection of toys that are all about squishy fun.

Birmingham, Books-A-Million, BAM, squishy toys, toys, games, unicorns, unicorn toys, holiday gifts
We wish you a squishy Christmas with My Kawaii Squishy-Galaxy Unicorn. Photo via Books-A-Million

Check out Soft n Slow Jumbo Squishy-Junk Food, the My Kawaii Squishy-Galaxy Unicorn and the My Kawaii Squishy-Cat Puff. I told you they were squishy!

More Top Holiday Toys

Looking for even more toys for the 2018 holiday season? Then click here to see all of the top choices for yourself at Books-A-Million.

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