Black-Owned Birmingham | 5 startups you NEED to know about

With Birmingham making noteworthy growth, you can only imagine how many new startup companies are popping up. Today we’re highlighting five of our very own African American-owned startups in the city.

Jordan Ricks, CEO
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Ricks

MR (Mission Rescue) Football-

While the canceling of UAB’s Football program was devastating to all of Birmingham it certainly affected Jordan Ricks. He is MR Football’s CEO and a previous UAB Football team member. As a result of a painful football injury, Ricks’ eyes were opened to an issue in the business of sports. “Profit over people.”  His goal is to level the playing field for injured players and “educate those people on how to maximize and monetize their brand value in the collegiate and professional sports market.”

Delect Demo
Photo Courtesy of Delect
Delect Technologies, Inc

This company is for those of you that hate waiting forever to pay the bill at the end of a nice meal. Delect provides a mobile app that allows consumers to keep track of rewards, loyalty points, AND make cashless payments at places like restaurants and bars.

Delect Technologies CEO, Serge Amouzou said,  “people wanted to pay from their phones at restaurants and restaurants wanted to connect better with customers.”

And thus, Delect was born! Above all, it’s available on both Androids and iPhones.

High Standards Shoes
Photo Courtesy of High Standards
High Standards Logo
Photo Courtesy of High Standards
High Standards Shoe Boutique-

Another new company is High Standards Shoe Boutique. The owner of High Standards is Jeff Ruffin. As a Birmingham native, he began his business by asking, “Why should we have to travel to places like Atlanta to find a unique and nice shoe?” High Standards was created to provide exclusive fashion-forward shoes to the Birmingham area. With its affordable prices and distinctive selection, this startup is expected to grow rapidly!  

HD2 Logo
Photo Courtesy of HD2 Technologies
HD2 Technology

“Breaching the evolution of technology”.  After working for multiple startups, Nehemiah Horace decided to branch out and create Horace Design & Develop Technology in August of 2017! Horace wisely expressed, “Technology is one of the main fields of study that will always be prevalent and will continue to evolve. Why not be in the forefront of this evolution of technology?” HD2 Technology provides services including promotional animations, business cards, event or promotional flyers, logos, websites, mobile applications, etc.


The Grecian Salad
Photo Courtesy of Bitty Livings Kitchen
Bitty’s Living Kitchen

Need even more of a reason to love the Pizitz Food Hall? Chef Kimberly Brock opened Bitty’s Living Kitchen on August 11th, 2017 and specializes in vegan dining and fresh pressed juices.

“We’re all on a journey to a better version of ourselves. Whether you’re just getting started or somewhere on the road, Bitty’s Living Kitchen believes the gift of real food has the power to heal,” stated Brock.

Briauna Ashley
Briauna Ashley
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