Health Conscious Reveal Kitchen is coming to the Pizitz Food Hall

The name is Bitty’s Living Kitchen. The game will be a new and healthy food concept that highlights raw fruits and veggies. YUM!

Opening in the REV Birmingham and Create Birmingham’s Reveal Kitchen, Bitty’s Living Kitchen will be a reality quite soon in our beloved Pizitz Food Hall. Chef and owner Kimberly Brock designed her menus based on healthy foods that she knows and loves.

Her menu will include granolas, freshly pressed juices as well as other vegetarian, vegan and even gluten-free options. All things she calls real foods that involve healthier options.  Her fresh pressed juice options include beets, pineapples, pears, ginger, and limes.

The concept began after she became a full-time caregiver for her parents. After learning about the amazing effects of holistic nutrition, she started her healthy journey by cooking more and more fruits and vegetables.  A year later, her mother’s diabetes went away and her idea was born.

The holistic nutrition model focuses on eating healthy foods which include unprocessed and unrefined foods. This is where Brock’s real foods concept came into play with her future restaurant.

Her future plans include a spot in the Reveal Kitchen for four to six months and then opening her first brick and mortar place. The restaurant has been offering delivery and catering since 2002. The kitchen encourages an entirely new way of eating that could potentially lead to healthy lifestyle changes.

Different and daring, Bitty’s Living Kitchen is bound to make waves as the newest addition to the Pizitz Food Hall.

Stay tuned for their exact reveal date. You can find out more about Bitty’s Living Kitchen here.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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