Happy Birthday, Blaze!

Birmingham’s favorite dragon turns 21 today. Happy Birthday to the UAB mascot that stole everyone’s heart.

The University of Alabama at Birmingham didn’t always have Blaze. In the beginning, there was the Pink Dragon in 1978 but for only one year. Then came along Beauregard T. Rooster for the next thirteen years. And Blaze’s predecessor was Blaze, the Viking, from 1993 for another 3 years. Alas, it was Blaze’s time to shine in 1996.

After a campuswide vote, the nickname “Blazers” was bestowed upon the team. But it wasn’t until January 6th, 1996 that Blaze was officially introduced during a basketball game.

Thus, began the era of UAB’s fire breathing mascot. Here’s to 21 years of great half time shows and blazer spirit.

Vicky Lewis
Vicky Lewis

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