Birmingham’s top events: August 23rd through 29th

Birmingham Top Things to Do July 19th through July 25
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I found way too much to go out and experience this week!  So I’ll use this opening paragraph to plug a short film in Sidewalk that I couldn’t write a whole article on (because it had next to no connections with Birmingham, not because it didn’t deserve a whole article): Pavels Gummenikovs’ “Just Go” feels like Baby Driver minus the Hollywood corporatization.  Trust me, watch it!  I should also probably mention the mayoral election happening today (not Wednesday!), make sure you vote there if you’re eligible.

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Your guide to viewing Monday’s eclipse

partial eclipse
A photo taken of a partial eclipse in 2012 – via

You may have read the general guide to eclipse viewing, but we were pretty quiet on where to actually go!  That’s changing now that Birmingham venues have announced their viewing parties!  So where should you go?  What should you do?  What shouldn’t you do?

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August 22 is the day, Birmingham! District 4, meet candidate Mary Jean Baker LaMay.

She represents District 4, but Mary Jean Baker LaMay wants to improve opportunities for all of Birmingham’s 99 neighborhoods.

Her ideas include: GED courses, job training and computer labs at city facilities. Addressing poverty as a way to impact crime and unify Birmingham is also important to her.

Mary Jean Baker LaMay, Birmingham, Alabama, City Council, District 4, election, vote, mayor, mayoral, municipal
Mary Jean Baker LaMay, submitted

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