5 ways Earthborn Pottery’s wheel classes will make you happy—starting Aug. 2-4


woman working at pottery wheel at Earthborn Studios, Inc. in Leeds
This whole scene just looks so peaceful. Photo via Earthborn Studios, Inc.’s Facebook page

Feeling stressed and wanting a creative outlet? Why not get your hands in the dirt—literally? Earthborn Pottery, run by renowned potter Tena Payne, is offering 6-week wheel classes starting next week that will help you create something beautiful. Know you want to go? Sign up here or keep reading to learn more.

1. Founder Tena Payne’s story will inspire you to sign up for a wheel class with Earthborn Pottery

Chris Hastings and Tena Payne in front of a wall of pottery
Chris Hastings + Tena Payne. Photo via Earthborn Studio, Inc.’s Facebook page

Back in the 1970s when she was a “somewhat troubled teen,” a teacher loaned her a potter’s wheel over the Christmas holidays. And that changed everything. During that break, she fell in love with clay, and began a lifelong process of experimentation and learning her art. 

Decades later, not only did she find a way to make a living doing what she loves, but so have her husband and her children. A commission from Chris Hastings of Hot & Hot Fish Club opened doors to the culinary and hospitality world, followed by the launch of Earthborn Studios.

If you’ve been waiting for just the right moment to sign up for a pottery class, wait no longer. Earthborn Pottery is ready and waiting to show you the ropes.

2. Everything tastes better on or in a homemade creation

Gorgeous shot of food on pottery from Duck and Waffle in London
When I lived in England, I never ate any pub food that looked this gorgeous. Photo via Earthborn Studios, Inc.’s Facebook page

Have you ever been to one of those paint your own pottery places? I for one can attest to how much better my coffee tastes in the mugs my children have lovingly painted for me through the years. 

We also have one bowl that the potter-mom of one of my son’s friends made for his birthday one year, and it’s my go-to. Every bowl or granola, soup or salad tastes a million times better in something made with so much love and care. 

Chances are what you make in your first-ever pottery class won’t actually look like the amazing setup at London’s Duck and Waffle, but I bet your food sure will taste good on it or in it.

3. Cahaba Clayworks, the teaching arm of Earthborn Studios, Inc. has talented artists to help you take the wheel

making new friends at Earthborn Pottery
Back in the Before Times, you could hang out like this sans masks. Now you need to #maskup or keep your distance, but you can still make some new friends. Photo via Earthborn Studios, Inc.’s Facebook page

I for one would be super-intimidated walking into my first pottery class and would want to know that someone with way more experience than me was there to hold my hand, or at least show me what to do. Cahaba Clayworks has a group of experienced potters who teach their classes, so you won’t be on your own. Plus, you might make some new friends. 

4. It’s literally impossible to check your phone when your hands are covered in wet clay

Take a break from social media with a pottery class at Earthborn Pottery
Imagine getting worked up about something somebody posted on social media while your hands look like this. Not gonna happen, right? Photo via Unsplash

Think about what this means for a second. Two whole hours of your life, every week for six weeks, where you are unreachable. Of course if your family has a life-or-death emergency, they could call the studio to get in touch with you. But no news. No apps. No reminders. No text messages. No work deadlines. Just you, the wheel, the clay, the instructor and the other people in the class. Bliss.

5. One of the upcoming four 6-week wheel classes at Earthborn Pottery will surely fit with your schedule

Potter Tena Payne at work in her studio
Potter Tena Payne in her happy place. Photo via Earthborn Studio, Inc.’s Facebook page

When: There are four 6-week sessions currently available: 

  • Mondays, 6-8PM—starts August 2
  • Tuesdays, 10AM-noon—starts August 3
  • Tuesdays, 1-3PM—starts August 3
  • Wednesdays, 10AM-noon—August 4

What you get: 

  • 6 weeks of instruction
  • Free studio use during business hours
  • Glazes, firing and 25 lbs of clay to find your inner potter

Location: 7575 Parkway Drive, Leeds, AL 35094

Cost: $250 per 6-week session

Contact: 205-702-7055 | Register now

If you see a future with your hands in clay, register for a 6-week pottery class today. Be sure to follow Earthborn Studios, Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

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