Biz school candidates! 5 reasons Montevallo should be on your short list.


UM accounting students interviewing
Accounting students on a day of interviewing. Photo from the University of Montevallo Stephens College of Business via Facebook

We all know the transition from studying to working can be tough. The Grainger Center for Professional Practice at University of Montevallo’s Stephens College of Business does what every other career center wishes it could do. It helps set students up for success—both in school and in their future careers.

Imagine having all that support to help you make it through undergrad or an MBA program without a hitch. Check out Montevallo’s MBA program here, and read on for all the details.

1. The Grainger Center for Professional Practice—helping business school students get ready to impress since 2011

Depending on what sort of background you come from, the idea of getting ready for a job interview could seem awesome or terrifying. Or maybe even a little bit of both.

Back in 2011, a biz school student was getting ready for that pivotal first interview and needed “everything from a suit to a properly formatted resume.”

In response, Montevallo’s College of Business set up the Center for Professional Practice. Its goal? To teach these vital skills while connecting students with the business community.

2. The Grainger Center helps connect students and businesses

Meet the Firms, a Grainger Center event
Amazing opportunities can grow from events like this one, called “Meet the Firms.” Photo supplied

Center Director Gary Johnson invites business students to come say hi as soon as they get to Montevallo.

This begin the process of becoming “career ready,” and will help The Grainger Center match students up with internships or full time job opportunities.

The Grainger Center can also let business students know about the types of services they can provide throughout their college career.

These include:

  • developing resumes
  • conducting successful job searches
  • networking
  • social network auditing
  • interviewing—both face-to-face and online
  • business etiquette
  • professional demeanor

Amazing to have people with experience to walk you through all of this . . .

Check out the Stephens College of Business at Montevallo—and the MBA program.

3. The Grainger Center helps students become the leaders they’ll need to be in their careers

While the world of business can be familiar to some students, to others it’s like a new country. Rather than hoping students will figure it out on their own, The Grainger Center helps them learn the ins and outs.

In addition to teaching skills like resume writing, they also offer campus-wide workshops on topics like “dressing for success.”

Why? For the same reason Montevallo’s business minor is a popular choice among non-business students. Because business savvy is important whether you’re an artist, or a musician or something else.

All together, this support and these skills and experiences help students become the confident leaders they will need to be, whether they’re working for a company or for themselves.

4. The Grainger Center provides a lot of support to students

The Grainger Center for Professional Practice’s main role is to serve as a liaison for Stephens College of Business students and area professionals. They help facilitate the following:

  • internships
  • business mentors for students
  • job placements

5. The Grainger Center sets students up for success in school and in their careers

The Grainger Center for Professional Practice is part of the secret sauce that makes the University of Montevallo’s School of Business unique among business schools. They are fully invested in their students’ success.

Want this to be you? Check out The Stephens College of Business and the MBA program here.

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