Small business Monday – focus on Keri Lane Promotions & Backyard Movie Parties

Birmingham AL, business
Keri Lane, owner of Backyard Movie Parties and Keri Lane Promotions. photo via Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now.

Want to show a movie at a family backyard party?  Are you a corporate manager planning a huge event that includes screening a film?  Keri Lane has got you covered!  She tells us all about Backyard Move Parties in this week’s edition of Small Business Monday.

I have lived in Birmingham my whole life. I love this city and have enjoyed being a part of what makes it so special for many years!

I have two businesses, Keri Lane Promotions, which focuses on event promotions, production and marketing. My other business is Backyard Movie Parties. We specialize in hosting outdoor movies to crowds of two to 5,000.  I have been doing events in Birmingham for 30 years. Backyard Movie Parties has been showing outdoor movies for 22 years.

Birmingham AL, business
FREE FRIDAY FLICKS – Veterans Park – Hoover. photo via Keri Lane

Keri Lane Promotions focuses on event management, creation and marketing. Some of the events I will be working on the fall are The Rocky Horror Masquerade Ball (Oct 28 at The Alabama Theatre), The Mt Laurel Fall Festival (Oct 14 – Town of Mt Laurel) and The Alabama Dia De Los Muertos Festival (Nov 2).

Backyard Movie Parties helps people and businesses set up outdoor movie screenings. We have five different size systems and travel around the Southeast. We started the Free Friday Flicks program 25 years ago. Currently we service the Southeast. We work with a lot of Homeowners Associations, cities, schools, churches and Park and Recreation Departments. We have been hosting outdoor movies for 25 years. Really since before there were video projectors. We used to haul around huge 16mm projectors and splice each film together for showings.

Birmingham AL, business
Crestwood residents enjoy the movie, Hook, at a recent movie night sponsored by Movies in Avondale Park. photo via Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now

The most unusual event/screening I’ve had is when I flew all my movie equipment to Belize in Central America and showed the movie Star Wars in a field in a little village called Crooked Tree. It took about a month to get my equipment back to America because the airport in Belize could not figure out how to fit my large speaker back into the plane!

The best thing about the Birmingham area is that I love the people!  I have loved being a part of changing the face of Birmingham with all the events and promotions I have worked on and created for our city!

Birmingham AL, business
The sun sets one Crestwood Park for the last in the series of Movies in Avondale Park, two of which are screened in Crestwood. photo via Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now

My hopes for the future of Birmingham is that I’d like to see our city become a leader in progressive changes like great education. I believe proper education is the key to solving a wide array of issues.

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