ASAN’s GRAZE: Support sustainable agriculture and your local farmer

Birmingham Alabama
Photo courtesy of Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network

If you are a die-hard local food supporter, the upcoming Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network’s (ASAN) 3rd Annual GRAZE: Birmingham “farm to fork”  fundraiser on September 17th, 5-8pm at Avondale Brewery is a “must attend” event.

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September in Birmingham: A Guide to National Observances

There’s a lot of national observances on any given day. Some well known and loved like International Talk Like a Pirate Day, some less so, like Squirrel Appreciation Day. Some are for a good cause, some are just fun, and others have dedicated followings (like Hobbit Day).

If you are looking for a good excuse, however, to drink beer for charity and chow down on some pancakes in the name of patriotism, here is a guide to how to celebrate some of the September observances in Birmingham.

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Game Day Recipes: Southern-Style Shakshuka

Shakshuka is comfort food as much as grits and a good cornbread are comfort food. It’s warm, spicy, eggy, and can be paired with anything crunchy and crispy which is just what your doctor and grandmother prescribed for a rough morning. Shakshuka has been curing aching heads and broken hearts for generations in North Africa and the Middle East.

Plus, it’s fun to say.

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New downtown apartments will house Taco Mama, five other retail spaces

About 200 guests packed into the Taco Mama at The Waites’ mixed-use development on Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd last night for a preview party featuring menu items like hand-shaken margaritas and build-your-own tacos.

Taco Mama Preview Party-The Waites-New Development-Downtown-Birmingham-Alabama
Preview party for Taco Mama at The Waites, a new mixed-use development downtown. Photo by JH Daniel.

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Y’all Come Back, Nu? A Very Southern Shabbat (& Recipe)

green tomatoes
Have you ever seen such a beautiful thing?

Got a lot of tomatoes in the garden? Hit the farmer’s market recently? Went on a Whole Foods run? Found a random can of Trader Joe’s pickled green tomatoes in the pantry? None of the above but always wondered what to even do with green tomatoes? Good. I have a bit of a passion for green tomatoes, so get your serrated knives out. Continue reading “Y’all Come Back, Nu? A Very Southern Shabbat (& Recipe)”

Bogue’s featured in “51 Best Breakfast Destinations in America” list

Bogue's Restaurant - Omelette and hash browns
Bogue’s Restaurant has been named one of the top 51 Breakfast Destinations in America – photo by Pat Byington, Bham Now

Last month, the popular website named Bogue’s Restaurant on Birmingham’s Southside as one of the 51 Best Breakfast Destinations in America.

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Get Childish in Birmingham

Sometimes, after a long week at work, all you want to do is let your inner child run around screaming until it needs a snack and a nap. But in a slightly more refined way that comes from being a taxpayer with a horizontal driver’s license. Maybe not so much screaming. If Chuck E. Cheese (Charles Entertainment, really)  is where a kid goes to be a kid, where does a grown up go to get childish in Birmingham? Continue reading “Get Childish in Birmingham”

Restoration of The Bright Star murals transforms state’s oldest restaurant

Outside of the Bright Star
Photo by Pat Byington, Bham Now

The 101 year old Bright Star murals have been transformed over the past two and a half years to their original glory.   The Bright Star is Alabama’s oldest restaurant and deemed an ‘American Classic’ by the James Beard Foundation .

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Eating in a Shu Shop

shu shop birmingham alabama
From their pop-up, via @shushopbham on instagram

Would you eat at a Shu Shop? Birminghamians probably know the Red Pearl as where you go if you want an authentic Chinese experience. What about Japanese food? Birmingham hasn’t had any really authentic Japanese restaurants. But yesterday I attended a soft-launch of Shu Shop with some friends (one of whom lived in Japan for years during college), and the verdict has arrived. Continue reading “Eating in a Shu Shop”