Why I love: Tropicaleo

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Tropicaleo's Cubano sandwich
via Kristina O’Quinn

I’ve noticed that we at Bham Now give the Pizitz Center a ton of coverage.  I’m sure some of that is because we offer native advertising (which this is not, by the way).  But I think there’s more to it than just money.  I’m writing a love letter to what I see as the under-appreciated star of the Pizitz food hall: Tropicaleo.

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5 Dog friendly eateries for the pooch obsessed

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Do you always feel bad leaving your pooch at home? Maybe you’ve just spent all day a part and you need some quality time with your pup. Don’t worry. Thanks to pet-loving Birmingham natives, here are a few places you can bring your furry friend.


This hip restaurant not only has amazing food and drinks but a decent sized patio for your pooch. Who said you have to choose between great food and your dog?

Black Market Bar

With Trivia nights, delectable brunches, and just good eats in general, you can’t go wrong with Black Market Bar and Grill. Don’t worry your pup will be loved on by the friendly staff.

Chez Lulu

French food and man’s best friend. Sounds like heaven. This cafe offers dog-friendly outdoor seating as well as fabulous food.

The Wine Loft


If you are looking for a more fancy dinner venue for you and your furry friend, The Wine Loft is just the place. They offer an extensive wine collection, tasty appetizers and of course seating for your pup.



What is better than Tapas and Tacos? Sharing them with your favorite pet. Babalu has more than tacos. With such a diverse menu, you will be dragging your pup back for more.

Thanks Birmingham restaurants for loving pets as much as I do.