Reflections on Washington – Birmingham Women Share Their Stories

The Women’s March on Washington, as experienced and retold by the following Birmingham residents;


photo courtesy of Emily Peterson

“I woke up this morning on a bus full of strangers in foggy darkness at a truck stop in Virginia. Chartered busses filled the parking lot. I made my way off the bus and into the packed convenience store full of sleepy women with flat hair and sweatshirts and pink knit hats. There was a line for the women’s restroom that wrapped out the door. But there was an excited energy in the air — tired, but excited.

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Birmingham to D.C. Here we come!

Hundreds of Birmingham women, men and children are on their way to our nation’s capitol for the Women’s March on Washington, tomorrow, Saturday, January 21. Whether by car, plane, bus, with personal funds or on scholarship, they’re all packed and headed out to make a stand for their beliefs in women’s rights.

Washington protest marchers wait to board a departing bus.

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