Birmingham’s Kiwanis Club celebrates 100th with new Vulcan Trail Park

Vulcan Park
Groundbreaking will be held Friday for the Kiwanis Centennial Park/Vulcan Trail. A project celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Kiwanis Club of Birmingham.

Birmingham’s Kiwanis Club has had a visible impact on the city over the past century. Take a look at what they’re doing now to the Vulcan Trial Park. Continue reading “Birmingham’s Kiwanis Club celebrates 100th with new Vulcan Trail Park”

Walking paths, light shows coming to Vulcan Park

kiwanis-club-vulcan-graphicA $4 million, three-part project is underway for Vulcan Park, thanks to the Kiwanis Club. To celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary in 2017, a grand-scale makeover is in the works.

The “big changes” include:

  • A makeover for the North side of the park, improving the paths and the walking trails, as well as other parts in need of an upgrade.
  • The creation of Kiwanis Centennial Park, a meeting an event space. This part of the improvement project will also include walking steps from the north side of the park directly up to Vulcan itself.
  • A two-mile jogging and biking trail is planned for the second phase of the project. It will extend Vulcan Trail to Green Springs Highway, as a part of the planned 750 miles of Birmingham’s Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System.
  • The last phase of the project includes the installation of a multicolored light show for Vulcan, like in the rendering below.

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