Spotlight on 7 innovations in Birmingham, AL’s startup scene, including Black Girl Ventures

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Black Girl Ventures volunteer change agents in Birmingham, AL
(l-r) Carmen Mays, Zhaundra Jones, BGV founder Shelly Bell, Alycia Levels-Moore, Amber Curry and Jaclynn Maxwell Hudson. Photo courtesy of Black Girl Ventures Birmingham Chapter

While the rest of us were getting through the holidays and the first month of the new decade, Birmingham’s startup scene was buzzing. Find out why these seven startup initiatives are in the news. 

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Birmingham’s Big Pitch

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big pitch birmingham alabama
via Wade Cline

Rev Birmingham, also instrumental in Zyp’s bikeshare program and the Woodlawn street market, will host its 4th annual Big Pitch this November.  But don’t worry, you still have time to enter!

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Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017

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Investor Conference 2017This year’s Investor Conference was hosted at Iron City in conjunction with the Birmingham Venture Club and the Velocity Accelerator’s Demo Day. The Investor Conference hosted attendees from around the Southeast interested in investment opportunities and networking between fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers in the area.  Continue reading “Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017”