1MillionCups Bham Presentation – “FutureProof Bama”

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As time progresses, technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of our daily lives and careers.

Through this progression, things will change, but is Alabama ready?

Taylor Phillips has set out to prepare & raise social awareness for the state of Alabama around “technological unemployment”.

Photo by Wade Cline

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1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Satterfield Technologies”

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In terms of consumers who buy products to help them with movement, there are three main types, the Athlete, the Elderly, and the Handicap.

Forrest Satterfield’s company, Satterfield Technologies, wants to help those (above) looking for external limb attachments or prosthetic’s and find them cheaper and more efficiently.

Forrest Satterfield, a Senior Biomedical major and Entrepreneurship minor at UAB has been working on his company since freshmen year in college. Photo by Wade Cline

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1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Unum Health”

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After entering into the Blazer Innovation Challenge this past year, Jeremy Mock and his partner realized the validity and practicality of their business, Unum Health.

The business is supported off the idea that EMR’s (Electronic Medical Records) are wasting valuable time for doctors, nurses, and practitioners…

Photo by Wade Cline

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Fleetio CEO talks to Local Entrepreneurs at Startup Grind Birmingham

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Startup Grind is a national organization which sets up chapters in cities across the country for today’s entrepreneurs. We have our own group here in the Magic City – Startup Grind Birmingham.

Monthly, at the Innovation Depot, local entrepreneurs gather together to gain insight into best practices and to network their way into the “startup tech eco-system.”

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