Turning a vacant lot into a green oasis – TNC’s urban program featured in Huffington Post

(ALL RIGHTS) February 2016. Students from historic Woodlawn High School in Birmingham, Alabama create “conservation labs,” which are vacant land converted into productive land for pollinators, birds, biodiversity, stormwater treatment demo areas, and generational care for the environment. These labs are low maintenance and a low-impact design. Photo credit: © The Nature Conservancy (Devan King)

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Alabama’s urban conservation program in the Woodlawn neighborhood of Birmingham was featured in the Huffington Post this weekend.

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Alabama weekly nature roundup – October 15-21, 2016


Our top story today and for the coming week is the announcement that Interior Secretary Sally Jewell will be visiting Anniston and Birmingham to hold public hearings on whether to recommend to President Obama several civil rights sites for National Monument designations.

In Birmingham, the proposed park would include landmark sites such as the 16th Street Baptist Church, where in September 1963, four little girls were murdered by a bomb planted by the Ku Klux Klan.  Also included in the proposal,  the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, which houses archives and exhibits documenting the events of the city’s past, and various other historic sites within the civil rights district.

In Anniston, the proposed National Monument designation will focus on sites where the Greyhound bus carrying the Freedom Riders in 1961 were ambushed in downtown Anniston, and outside town where there was an attack on the Freedom Riders and the bus burning that shook a nation took place.


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