Bike Security and Registration day

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Bike theft is on the rise! Come by Redemptive Cycles to learn how and why you should register your bike and learn how to lock it up securely to keep your precious ride safe. Drop by anytime, it’ll only take a few minutes.
We can show you what is an appropriate and secure lock for your bike, and show you how to use it to minimize the risk of theft when leaving your bike unattended. Even if you’re only leaving it for a minute, locking your bike can prevent a very sad day.
We’ll also show you where your bike serial number is and why you should have it recorded. Then, if you like, we can help you register your bike with Bike Index. They are a nationwide independent non-profit. If your bike goes missing, mark it lost or stolen and the entire Bike Index community and its partners can be on the lookout for it. They’ve helped recover over $14 million worth of stolen bikes!

Getting KRACKed: Use WiFi? Drop everything and read this now.

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krack logo
“Welcome to my nightmare…” – via

Whatever you do, don’t use WiFi for a bit.  A new revelation in computer security has shown that WiFi, no matter what device, is insecure and can be hacked: “if your device supports Wi-Fi, it is most likely affected.” Enter key reinstallation attacks, called KRACK. Continue reading “Getting KRACKed: Use WiFi? Drop everything and read this now.”

Staying secure in 2017

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Ghost in the Shell is why I flat-out refuse to have any electronics inside me, no matter how cool they might seem. This logo was made by some guy going by the handle motwaaagh

Have you ever seen the old Ghost in the Shell series? It was awesome, you should watch it. More importantly, though, it’s becoming more and more relevant: far too many computers today are vulnerable to malware.

Last week, a multi-continent attack crippled Britain’s National Health Services, among other individuals and groups. How can you ensure your own computers are secure?

Continue reading “Staying secure in 2017”