Jefferson County’s $100 million school tax vote set for March 7

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Mark your calendars for March 7, Jefferson county voters. Because that’s the day school officials need voter approval to continue levying two district taxes and two county-wide taxes that provide basic education funding.

The combined taxes produce more than $100 million annually, and that money is shared by each district according to student population.

If you’re headed to the polls, you may be asking: Are these taxes new? And, what exactly is being funded with them?

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Birmingham Holds Top 2 Spots in Most Segregated School Districts by Poverty

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Birmingham has come a long way, but we still need to make things better for everyone.  

This report by NPR, shows that Birmingham, Alabama holds the top 2 spots when comparing poverty by school districts across the U.S.  We are the ONLY southern state to make the list.  Why?  We have divided ourselves into mini-locales that work independently.  This leads to some very wealthy school districts and some very poor ones.  Is this best for the overall growth and health of the Birmingham area?

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