Kids Clinic: Learn to Speak Dog

As both a mom and a former elementary school teacher, Rebecca values the importance of keeping kids safe around pets by teaching them to understand the ways that dogs communicate. June 22 from 9-noon, drop off the kids and let us teach them how to stay safe around pets! Kids 7 and up will…

Be a dog detective! Students will learn canine body language and put their knowledge to the test!

Learn what the “bite zone” is (can you guess?) and how to avoid it!

Learn how to properly pet dogs to avoid frightening them or getting bitten or snapped at

Practice proper interactions with REAL dogs!

Learn what to do if approached by a stray dog

Learn when it’s not okay to approach their own dog or a friend’s dog

Role-play how to respond if a dog growls

Meet a service dog and learn about important jobs that dogs do

Make friends and have some silly fun!

Join us June 22 from 9-noon at Altadena Valley Animal Clinic! Email to enroll!

Birmingham, it’s time to make school safety a priority

Birmingham, Alabama, Woodlawn, students, high school, gun, violence, safety
On Wednesday, March 14, students at Woodlawn High School participated in a nationwide school walkout to protest gun violence. Photo by Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now.

UAB Hospital-Highlands. Huffman High School. The city’s homicide rate. Actions speak louder than words when it comes to violence in Birmingham. Are we doing everything we can to keep our students safe?

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Bug bites with Children’s of Alabama expert Dr. Jolly

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A news anchor swatting a bug away.

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I get my first bug bite, I know that summer has officially arrived.

Children’s of Alabama wants you to stay safe by preventing those pesky bites and treating any bad ones. Dr. Joseph Jolly of Greenvale Pediatrics offers his expertise on bug bites.  Let’s see what he had to say.

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7 Water safety tips from Children’s Hospital educator Debbie Coshatt

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With the temperature on the rise, what better way to cool off than on the water? However, parents must be on the lookout, especially since drowning is the second leading cause of death among children. Children’s Hospital wants you to stay safe and enjoy the summer! So, check out this interview about water safety with Debbie Coshatt, RN, and nurse educator in Patient Health and Safety at Children’s Hospital.

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A parent’s guide to safety: falling, biking, and communication

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With school out for the summer, kids spend more time at home without a parent’s watchful eye. Whether parents hire a babysitter or leave their children with an older sibling, accidents are much more prone to happen. Debbie Coshatt of Children’s Patient Health and Safety area offered some great tips on home safety.

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Cycling and Walking Around UAB Could Get Safer

While many people enter a new year with a resolution to lose weight, James Fowler’s goal is to put some of the roads within the UAB campus on a diet instead.  As the Director of Planning Design and Construction at UAB, Fowler is working with Birmingham city officials to reduce the amount of vehicle traffic on campus streets by improving conditions for cyclists and pedestrians.  The idea is to decrease the area of the existing surface streets dedicated to cars, a process Fowler calls “road diets.”

Birmingham, UAB Dr. JAmes Fowler
Dr. James Fowler, Courtesy of UAB

“This allows us the flexibility to add things like bike lanes, wider sidewalks, better crosswalks and landscaped mediums,” Fowler said.
“It will help us create a more livable, attractive campus.”

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