Biking in Birmingham: Trails, shops and local groups to join

From Thursday evening community bike rides known as “Tramples” to student internships, Redemptive Cycles is connected to the Birmingham community. Photo via Redemptive Cycles’ Facebook page

It’s no wonder that the biking industry has experienced a massive surge due to coronavirus. It’s an activity that makes social distancing easy, it provides a solid workout and it’s really fun. If you want to get plugged into Birmingham’s cycling community, start by checking out these shops, trails and groups to help you experience Birmingham on two wheels.

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Birmingham Top Things To Do: May 31st-June 6th

SliceFest comes to the ‘Ham this week! Coincidentally, ham is one of my favorite pizza toppings, right up next to pineapple – via

Another week of events in the Magic City!  This time, most of the live music is concentrated around SliceFest or other events.  Maybe I just don’t like country music as much as other people.  If you like country music, check out our full calendar of events here and see what tickles your fancy! Continue reading “Birmingham Top Things To Do: May 31st-June 6th”

Ten events to try and see next week

If you only have time (or cash) for ten events next week, have I got a list for you!  That’s right, it’s a top ten, for events coming next week!  I try to include youtube links to music when I can, so don’t click things if you’re at work and aren’t using headphones.  In the spirit of different strokes for different folks and not actually having seen them yet, I’m not going to rank any of these.

Amos Lee.  Source:

Amos Lee – Playing at the Alabama Theatre Feb 28th, doors open 7.30PM.  Read more

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Would you cycle at night in Bham?

Riders on the Redemptive Cycles Trample Ride roll down 1st AVE S, along the new Rotary Trail.

You anxiously check your phone.  It’s 4:45 PM.  You’re feeling the pressure of how you’ll get your ride in before it gets dark.  This is the time of year when the sun sets early and occasional frigid temps can threaten the cycling routine you worked so hard to keep the previous months.  Some retreat indoors and some hit the darkness, head-on.
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