5 best places to play retro and modern arcade games in Birmingham

Pinball machines lined up in a bar against a brick wall
Paramount in downtown Birmingham has food, drinks and games… What more could you want? Photo from Paramount Bham Facebook page

With flashing lights, tickets streaming and people cheering, there’s nothing quite like that classic feel of an arcade. Even though I grew up in the internet age of the ’90s and 2000s, my Dad made sure that I was educated in the arcade classics. On trips out of town, we’d always try and find someplace to play Pac-Man or battle it out in skeeball. 

Need something to do while you’re waiting for the game to start this weekend, or something to burn off your buzz after? Whether you want nostalgic games or to try something new, here are five great Birmingham places to get your arcade fix.

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Get Childish in Birmingham

Sometimes, after a long week at work, all you want to do is let your inner child run around screaming until it needs a snack and a nap. But in a slightly more refined way that comes from being a taxpayer with a horizontal driver’s license. Maybe not so much screaming. If Chuck E. Cheese (Charles Entertainment, really)  is where a kid goes to be a kid, where does a grown up go to get childish in Birmingham? Continue reading “Get Childish in Birmingham”