House Says ‘No Dice’ on Lottery Vote

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Guess what? The House requires committee meetings to be advertised 24 hours in advance.  Since this meeting wasn’t, (and we wonder why it wasn’t) the House decided it would not bend the rules to allow for a vote before the August 24th deadline.  Interesting.  Now, the House is looking at using BP monies to fill void for Medicaid.  Read more from Yellowhammer News.

Alabama House of Representatives (Photo: Yellowhammer)
Alabama House of Representatives (Photo: Yellowhammer)



#Lottery Bill Passes Senate – Heads to House!

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On Friday, the Alabama Senate approved Governor Bentley’s lottery bill with important amendments in a vote of 21 to 12.  The amendments include directing 10% of revenues to the Education Trust Fund and $100M to fund Medicaid instead of all going to the General Fund.  The bill will now go to the State House of Representatives.  If passed, the lottery bill will go up for citizen vote on November 4.

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Two Lottery Bills Pass Committee – Going to Full Senate Today

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Progress made on two lottery bills out of the five presented.  One was brought by Jim McClendon, R-Sprinville and one by Governor Bentley, brought forth by McClendon.

Lottery Battle Continues, Lawmakers Produce “Several Rival Proposals”

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The conversation between Gov. Bentley and lawmakers on an Alabama lottery continues. There are several in favor of and against the proposed plans from the Governor.


“Lottery bills get first test in Alabama Legislature”

The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee is meeting Tuesday morning for public hearings on five different lottery bills. The committee could vote as soon as Tuesday afternoon.

-Associated Press

What do you think should be done?
Fund Medicaid through a lottery, or stay true to our history?

Bentley’s “one best option” Lottery less immoral than ‘allowing a child to die’

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This morning at Children’s Hospital of Alabama, Gov. Robert Bentley shared his thoughts on the potential AL lottery.

“When you look at this you say: ‘Which is the most immoral: buying five lottery tickets with money you earned or allowing a child to die?’ I don’t think there’s even a choice there, so we must fund Medicaid, we must take care of our sick children, our disabled people, those in nursing homes, those with mental illness,” Bentley said regarding his “one best option” lottery. Continue reading “Bentley’s “one best option” Lottery less immoral than ‘allowing a child to die’”

“Lottery? In Alabama…?”

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44 states host lotteries and one of the remaining 6 is Alabama…

So, is Alabama behind the ball, or simply staying true to its southern values?

Lets hear it! What do you think the state should do?

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