Birmingham Top Eleven(!) November 2nd – 8th

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What does Ernest Hemingway have to do with Birmingham? Not much, but read on anyway! – via

My week has involved drones (I’m finally learning to fly acro!  I’m crashing a lot!), eurobeat, interviews, and moving.  This week, I’ll replace moving people with events (I hope)! Continue reading “Birmingham Top Eleven(!) November 2nd – 8th”

MaccaB’ham: Maccabi Games in the Magic City

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If you’ve been hearing an increase in the amount of Hebrew being spoken around you at the grocery store, you aren’t going crazy. There’s a lot of blue and white lanyards around town, a lot of teenagers in gym shorts and yarmulkes. There are nearly 1,000 athletes from around the world staying with host families in Birmingham to participate in the 2017 JCC Maccabi Games. Continue reading “MaccaB’ham: Maccabi Games in the Magic City”

LJCC: Where We Go From Here

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Nightmares are strange things. No one ever asks why did this nightmare happen to me? What did I do to deserve this? Because we are told that they are part of life. We can eat right, exercise, say our nightly prayers, but we aren’t immune to horror. This is the consequence of intelligence and creativity. Continue reading “LJCC: Where We Go From Here”