Bama Bound: Whooping Cranes are coming home for the winter

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In the past, staff at the International Crane Foundation used costumes to raise Whooping Cranes for release into the wild. This process, called “costume rearing”, was used so that Whooping Crane chicks would not imprint onto humans. Whooping Cranes are being released using a new method called “parent rearing”, in which captive adult Whooping Cranes raise crane chicks until they are ready to be released into the wild. You can see two parent-reared Whooping Cranes at Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge!

Lizzie Condon, Whooping Crane Outreach Coordinator for the International Crane Foundation informed Bham Now this afternoon (December 15, 2016) that 18 Whooping Cranes have been spotted on the grounds of the Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge.  This week, during the day, up to 12 Whooping Cranes have been seen near the wildlife refuge visitor center/observation building.

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