Trying to hike and avoid the crowds? Check out these Birmingham trails less traveled.

Let’s hit those trails. Photo via Freshwater Land Trust.

Since Birmingham’s quarantine began, many of us have been enjoying the outdoors more. However, with blue skies and beautiful scenery, popular trails around the city have been packed. Kind of defeats the purpose of social distancing right? Luckily, the Freshwater Land Trust has some insight on some alternative, less crowded trails to spend some much-needed time outdoors. Check ’em out!

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Ever Wanted to Zip Line in the Dark? Now you Can!


Eagle Solar & Light, based in Birmingham, installed and donated ActiveLED solar lights and controls which brighten the 80 foot Kaul Adventure Tower when activity is present and dim when it is not.  This will enable nighttime activities to rappel, zip line or climb.

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August 26th, Sounds of the Night Hike at Turkey Creek Nature Preserve

Looking for a good hike in the dark of night? Well here ya go!

The Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is hosting a fun and interactive hike for the general public above the age of 10. By using the senses of touch, sound, and smell let the forest guide you through one of the two available trails.

The Preserve wants you to note, “Much of the time, hikers will need to keep quiet to allow for the sounds of the forest to guide you along the path. The hike will be about 2 miles long…”

So get your boots and prepare your night vision, because this is sure to be a unique experience.

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#WWVD Red Mountain Park Needs Our Help – Here’s How!

David Dionne, Executive Director, Red Mountain Park
David Dionne, Executive Director, Red Mountain Park

If you haven’t been hiking, biking or zip lining at Red Mountain Park, then you need to!  According to its website:

“Red Mountain Park encompasses 1,500 acres of land along the Red Mountain Ridge in central Alabama. The Park is central to Birmingham and its surrounding diverse communities.

Our current attractions include over 15 miles of trails featuring 2 city overlooks, 3 tree houses, the 6-acre off-leash Remy’s Dog Park, and adventures like the Vulcan Materials Zip Trip and Kaul Adventure Tower. But this is only the beginning.”

But according to David Dionne’s, Executive Director, recent blog in  Combacktown, Red Mountain Park is in desperate need of our financial support now.  Let’s show them some Bham Now love.

Donate to Red Mountain Park Here.


A Local Hike Beckons You


“In wilderness is the preservation of the world.” — Henry David Thoreau