Balancing Your Well-being

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At wellyou, we believe that happiness and well-being are a lot of small things done well, day by day across all areas: physical, mental, and social. It’s not about focusing and excelling in one area in life but making sure that we give attention to and maintain a balance between all three.

Join Adam and Amelia, the founders of wellyou, on February 21st at 1:00 pm EST and find out how and why they created a holistic approach to the wellyou program and discover ways on how to find this balance.

Vinyasa Yoga with wellyou

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Do you like yoga but you get bored of the slow pace of classes? Do you need something more challenging when it comes to yoga? Are you looking for something that will make you sweat? Then this class is made for you! Join Asya for a Vinyasa Yoga session that will energize you and challenge you, while sweating your stress away! You will work on many aspects of fitness overall, such as stability, balance, strength, and flexibility! This session will take place on February 20th at 12 pm EST. See you there!