It’s the 25th anniversary of ‘Fried Green Tomatoes,’ so Towanda!

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Hey, did you know that it’s been 25 years since Fannie Flagg’s novel Fried Green Tomatoes hit the silver screen? Yeah, me either, but I love everything about this book and film, so Friday got me all like …


Even better, you can meet the author of both the novel and the screenplay right here in her hometown of Birmingham!  Join Fannie Flagg on December 9th at the Lyric Fine Arts Theatre for an evening of conversation about her brand-new novel “The Whole Town is Talking.

From what I understand, you can get your picture made with her after the book signing, so don’t forget to iron your dresses, darlings! And, be sure to reserve your seats now!

Photo by Irondale Cafe
Photo by Irondale Cafe

This free event is your chance to meet a real-live Alabama writer who knows her way around a screenplay, among other endeavors. The Washington Post said that “even the dead characters are delightful in Fannie Flagg’s latest novel.” Now, that’s a review!

While you’re at it, don’t forget about those fried green tomatoes from Irondale Cafe. I’m always free for a lunch date, just FYI.

5 Reasons you’ll want to Spend an Evening with Fannie Flagg

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 Fannie Flagg An Evening with Lyric Theatre
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Ever read the book, “Fried Green Tomatoes?  Have you seen the movie? Fannie Flagg, the bestselling author, from our very own city,  is back in town for an evening of lively and candid conversation. The event will be at the Lyric Fine Arts Theatre on December 9th  at 7pm.  Here are 5 reasons you’ll want to spend an evening with Fannie Flagg.

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