11 places to find ethnic food in Hoover

One of the best parts of living in Birmingham? The food, obviously! My bucket list of restaurants to try is constantly growing, and thankfully I don’t have to travel too far from my house in Hoover to check them out. Here’s your guide to where to find the best ethnic food in Hoover – add a few of these to your restaurant bucket list!

Still dreaming about the Pad Si Ewe at Blue Pacific Thai. Photo by Cecilia Wood for Bham Now
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Indian Cuisine: guide to perfect Birmingham comfort food

Indian Food
Indian comfort food. Via- Silver Coin FB.

When you think of comfort food is it a classic, reliable steak-house burger or some soul-food inspired mac-n-cheese?  For me, in the winter months when I want a warm, satisfying, spicy chicken and rice-and-beans comfort meal with amazing flavorful bread, it’s definitely Indian cuisine. Now there is a fast-casual option at the Pizitz Food Fall, that makes it quick  and easy to get your Indian food craving met, Silver Kati!

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