16-year-old Jackson-Olin High School student opens his own photography studio

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kulture kreations
The creative mind behind the camera. Photo via Kulture Kreations Atelier’s Instagram

16-year-old student, Samuel Bowie, is turning an old family home into a business where memories are made. Here are the details on his self-made studio and future business plans.

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Funding Black Founders: A Conversation with Rodney Sampson

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Data shows that diverse founding and executive teams outperform by 30% yet these founders receive less than 5% of venture funding. OHUB has joined forces with Rise of the Rest, Morgan Stanley’s Multicultural Innovation Lab, and the 100 Black Angels & Allies Fund to help close that funding gap. Specifically for Black founders outside of Silicon Valley, NYC, and Boston. Join us for a conversation with Rodney Sampson, founder of Opportunity Hub, about funding Black founders and building inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystems. About OHUB: Opportunity Hub co-founded in Atlanta in 2013 by Rodney Sampson as a follow up to the highly successful book, Kingonomics, and large scale conferences in Atlanta as well as D.C., is the leading technology, startup and venture ecosystem building platform created to ensure that everyone, everywhere has equitable access to the future of work, Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond as a path to multi-generational wealth creation with no reliance on pre-existing multi-generational wealth. Learn more at https://opportunityhub.co/ About Rise of the Rest: Since 2014, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest (ROTR) team has traveled to more than 40 cities, including Birmingham, to better understand startup communities outside of the coastal tech hubs firsthand, holding a $100K pitch competition in each city. Learn more at https://www.revolution.com/ To learn more about the pitch competition and apply, visit: https://tour.revolution.com/ Our moderator for this conversation will be Carmen Mays, Founder & CEO of Elevators on 4th. Which you can learn more about here: https://www.elevatorson4th.com/

3 things I learned at my 1st-ever Sloss Tech in Birmingham

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The Lyric was the site of the fourth annual Sloss Tech.
The rain last Friday didn’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm at the fourth annual Sloss Tech. Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Last Friday, as rain fell softly outside, a crowd of people from across Birmingham’s tech, entrepreneurial and startup scene gathered for the fourth annual Sloss Tech.

We heard about some exciting tech ed and women in tech initiatives coming down the pike soon in Bham. We laughed hard at Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and husband of Serena Williams.

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Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition is Nov. 15th: FOUR startups are from Birmingham

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Startup finalists get the chance to win big investments for their companies (Image courtesy of Alabama Launchpad’s Facebook)

You could say we’re a little proud that FOUR out of the six startups in this year’s Alabama Launchpad Startup Competition are from Birmingham.  See the finalists for the competition on Nov. 15th here.

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Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017

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Investor Conference 2017This year’s Investor Conference was hosted at Iron City in conjunction with the Birmingham Venture Club and the Velocity Accelerator’s Demo Day. The Investor Conference hosted attendees from around the Southeast interested in investment opportunities and networking between fellow investors, entrepreneurs, and service providers in the area.  Continue reading “Birmingham Venture Club Investor Conference 2017”

Startup Grind Birmingham features local entrepreneur Shegun Otulana, CEO of TheraNest

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Through organizations such as Startup Grind Birmingham, entrepreneurs are given the chance to network, learn, and see what it takes to be successful.

Bham Now presents Shegun Otulana, CEO of TheraNest, as last months Startup Grind Bham’s guest.

via Wade Cline

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1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Beta School” – expanded Education

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Laura Shaffer, co-director of Startup Grind Birmingham and local entrepreneur, has teamed up with her husband Bay Shaffer to create a sort of “uber for schooling” and education.

Laura Shaffer presents Beta School
Laura Shaffer presents her take on how children can learn outside of the traditional school system!

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1MillionCupsBham Presentation – “Satterfield Technologies”

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In terms of consumers who buy products to help them with movement, there are three main types, the Athlete, the Elderly, and the Handicap.

Forrest Satterfield’s company, Satterfield Technologies, wants to help those (above) looking for external limb attachments or prosthetic’s and find them cheaper and more efficiently.

Forrest Satterfield, a Senior Biomedical major and Entrepreneurship minor at UAB has been working on his company since freshmen year in college. Photo by Wade Cline

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Fleetio CEO talks to Local Entrepreneurs at Startup Grind Birmingham

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Startup Grind is a national organization which sets up chapters in cities across the country for today’s entrepreneurs. We have our own group here in the Magic City – Startup Grind Birmingham.

Monthly, at the Innovation Depot, local entrepreneurs gather together to gain insight into best practices and to network their way into the “startup tech eco-system.”

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1Million Cups BHM Presentation – Jan. 25, 2016 – Lift it Works

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This week, inside the UAB iLab, 1Million Cups Birmingham hosted not only a Birmingham entrepreneur, but also students from Huffman Academy.

I am thankful for the instructors/teachers who understand the importance of exposing young students to innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology.

Now, to the presenter…

Photo by Wade Cline

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