13 can’t-miss Cyber Monday deals in Birmingham

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Local deals you’re going to want to keep on your radar. Photo via Unsplash

The deals just keeping on rolling. Despite your wallet dwindling over the holiday weekend, it’s hard to resist a great discount. I’ll be the first to advocate for treating yourself and you might as well take advantage of these irresistible local Cyber Monday deals in Birmingham.

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7 Cyber Monday deals to support Birmingham businesses from home

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Lit up train at the Birmingham Zoo
A year pass to The Birmingham Zoo is a great and unique gift for the kids in your life this holiday season. Photo from The Birmingham Zoo Facebook page.

Every year as Black Friday rolled around, I used to be torn between staying cozy in bed or going out and braving the cold and crowds at The Summit. Then I learned about Cyber Monday, and now I stay in worry-free. But what about if you want a deal from a local Birmingham store?

Don’t leave your house yet, because we’ve scoured the internet and found deals you can purchase from the comfort of your couch while still supporting a local business. Here are seven Birmingham businesses offering online deals this Cyber Monday.

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