Co-working concept grows in Birmingham – here are 10 to choose from.

Members working in Forge, a co-working space in Birmingham.
Forge offers a friendly atmosphere where you can get work done. Photo via Forge.

Co-working spaces are a great resource for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A co-working space is like a cross between a coffee shop and a library, with a friendly, work-focused atmosphere. Here are 12 locations where you can experience co-working in Birmingham.

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Game Day Recipes: Southern-Style Shakshuka

Shakshuka is comfort food as much as grits and a good cornbread are comfort food. It’s warm, spicy, eggy, and can be paired with anything crunchy and crispy which is just what your doctor and grandmother prescribed for a rough morning. Shakshuka has been curing aching heads and broken hearts for generations in North Africa and the Middle East.

Plus, it’s fun to say.

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