Bike Security and Registration day

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Bike theft is on the rise! Come by Redemptive Cycles to learn how and why you should register your bike and learn how to lock it up securely to keep your precious ride safe. Drop by anytime, it’ll only take a few minutes.
We can show you what is an appropriate and secure lock for your bike, and show you how to use it to minimize the risk of theft when leaving your bike unattended. Even if you’re only leaving it for a minute, locking your bike can prevent a very sad day.
We’ll also show you where your bike serial number is and why you should have it recorded. Then, if you like, we can help you register your bike with Bike Index. They are a nationwide independent non-profit. If your bike goes missing, mark it lost or stolen and the entire Bike Index community and its partners can be on the lookout for it. They’ve helped recover over $14 million worth of stolen bikes!

Basic Bike Maintenance Class

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Join us at 6pm on the last Wednesday of each month.
The Basic Mechanics Class class covers the basic anatomy of the bicycle, how to change a flat, and emergency roadside repair…. Stuff everyone should know.
Come ready with questions and an eagerness to learn. $10 suggested donation, or whatever you can afford.

Instagram spotlight: Birmingham bicycle enthusiast’s pics

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Birmingham, AL bike messenger, 1914.

Remember that feeling of flying when we rode our bikes as kids? It’s still possible to feel that sense of freedom. These Bham Instagrammers love their bikes. Check out our weekly Instagram spotlight, maybe we grabbed one of your posts!

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Birmingham could go bananas for bike lanes

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Birmingham has long been familiar with road cycling groups, and academically, I think everyone understands the positive benefits of getting outside and moving around. However, many roadworthy bikes can be a hefty investment of time, money, or both. With  Zyp’s bike-sharing program, however, Birmingham could see a lot more cyclists on the road.

An army of bicycles… is it the future?

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