Biking in Birmingham: Trails, shops and local groups to join

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From Thursday evening community bike rides known as “Tramples” to student internships, Redemptive Cycles is connected to the Birmingham community. Photo via Redemptive Cycles’ Facebook page

It’s no wonder that the biking industry has experienced a massive surge due to coronavirus. It’s an activity that makes social distancing easy, it provides a solid workout and it’s really fun. If you want to get plugged into Birmingham’s cycling community, start by checking out these shops, trails and groups to help you experience Birmingham on two wheels.

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Birmingham bike trails perfect in autumn

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Commuting or for fun. Via –

There is definitely a continued shift away from the use of cars for commuting by Millennials. Even with Birmingham’s hilly terrain, more people are commuting to work and class by bike. If you haven’t made that shift, but want to get out and explore the city on two wheels, now is the perfect time to find a nearby bike trail!

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