About Bham Now

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modern Vulcan head

What is Bhan Now?   We are the mobile, modern guide to Birmingham.

What is our mission?  Our mission is to help create a better, smarter, healthier, more forward-moving Birmingham.  

Why the head?  The teal bearded head represents a modern, hipster Vulcan.  It was designed by Min Sun Lee, local Birmingham artist.

What is our focus?  Bham Now is focused on new business, innovation, jobs, nature and having fun in the ‘ham.  Bham Now is NOT the go-to site for football scores, crime or weather unless it is a social issue.

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5 Reasons You Need to Sign up for ‘the BOLD’ Speaker Series NOW

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Bham Now will be kicking off the BOLD speaker series on Tuesday, Oct. 18th 5:30pm at Kinetic Here are the top 5 reasons you need get a ticket now. You will;

1) Hear from Jay Brandrup, Auburn grad, on what it is takes to start a business from scratch in Birmingham and grow it to be one of the most respected in the city. Kinetic was “has been recognized as one of Birmingham’s Most Admired Companies by the Birmingham Business Journal.”


Jay Brandrup, Founder and Principal, Kinetic

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BhamNow Featured by TechBirmingham

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Bham Now is Profiled by Tech Birmingham


In a recent interview by Tech Birmingham, Bham Now states “Our mission is to make Birmingham a smarter, better city. Our focus includes jobs, revitalization, start-ups, nature, environment and how to have a good time!  Over 60% of our audience are mobile millennials in the ‘ham’.”  -Cindy Martin, Founder and President, Bham Now

Cindy was the founding CEO of AL.com and then served as President of Alabama Media Group before starting up BhamNow. She has a love for Birmingham and is ecstatic about the millennial movement in the Magic City.

With her guidance, BhamNow is attracting millennials wanting up to date information about all of their favorite Birmingham activities on www.bhamnow.com.  Read the full post about Bham Now here here

TechBirmingham allows companies to connect with a variety of technology focused companies in Birmingham.  Find more info about Tech Birmingham here.

Thank you TechBirmingham for all you do for the emerging tech community in the “Ham”.