Women with their Work III: Materiality Open Gallery with Artist Talks

Women with their Work III: Materiality is the third and final exhibition in Space One Eleven’s Women with their Work series, which is co-curated by Dr. Jessica Dallow of UAB and Space One Eleven’s Peter Prinz. Artists in the exhibition are Sara Garden Armstrong, Janice Kluge, and Camille Goulet of Birmingham; Erin Cunningham and Beili Liu of Austin; and Shervone Neckles of Queens.


Space One Eleven is holding an Open Gallery event, which will include artist talks by Sara Garden Armstrong and Janice Kluge. Free and open to the public.


If you are able to attend, please respond to Amanda Crist at (205)328-0553 or AmandaCrist@SpaceOneEleven.org.

Waterline Lecture

Artist Marianne Nicolson will discuss her installation “Waterline” in this special talk.

During a special artist talk on September 27, artist Marianne Nicolson will discuss the forms and symbols in her sculpture installation Waterline, and how they reflect the experience of industrial encroachment onto tribal land, water, and human experience.