Layers – A Collaborative Art Show by Paul Wilm & Peter Wilm

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LAYERS – A Collaborative Art Show by Paul Wilm & Peter Wilm

Some have said that Birmingham artists and brothers Peter and Paul Wilm’s styles are like night and day. If that’s so, then this particular exhibit occurs somewhere at twilight. It’s all in the layers. 

Hiding inside Peter’s fantastical, dream-like compositions (which are usually strictly black and white) are Paul’s signature intensely colorful housepaint-on-found-wood and random collage, flowing like an undercurrent. The end result feels oddly complete and strangely satisfying to the eye.

Come see for yourself!

Opening night: Saturday July 13th, 6pm.

the BOMB: Exhibition Opening Reception

Exhibition opening: Friday, January 25, 2019, 5:30 – 7:00pm

On display January 25 – March 1, 2019

Anne Arrasmith Gallery at Space One Eleven

2407 Second Avenue North

Downtown Birmingham

Free and open to the public

Exhibiting artists: Larry Jens Anderson, Temme Barkin-Leeds, Jim Braude, Sarah Emerson, Tom Ferguson, Richard Mafong, Kieran Barnett Moore, Chris Revelle, Claudia Smigrod, Jonathan Terranova, Brad Thomas/Thomas Gleaner, Mark Vallen, Stephen Wilkes


Space One Eleven has invited artist Larry Jens Anderson to guest curate “the BOMB.” The exhibition will explore ways artists have been processing this subject as a response to historic and current events. It is by using camp humor, plays on words, ironic twists and other creative methodologies that these artists have arrived at images.


Born two years after the atomic bombs were dropped in Japan, Anderson grew up in the age of “duck and cover” and bomb shelters. Anderson notes that in his adulthood, he is now concerned about suicide bombers, IEDs, school bombings, who has a nuclear bomb and the fact they should not have one, and that his concern of this daily news is not unique to him.


The exhibition will be on display through March 1, 2019.


Larry Jens Anderson was born and lived his first eighteen years in the rural community of Randall, Kansas—population seventy-five. Anderson is retired from teaching art in Atlanta colleges for over 30 years, SCAD Atlanta for 6 years and the Atlanta College of Art before that.  Along with his teaching, he has exhibited extensively. His drawings, paintings, videos, installations touching on human rights issues have been exhibited in such important institutions as the National Museum of Australia, is in the Museum of Modern Art’s book collection, and are included in such local collections as the High Museum of Art plus the Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia. In addition to his career as an artist and instructor, Anderson was a founding member of TABOO, an artist collective that existed for eleven years curating, producing events, and exhibiting.


About Space One Eleven:

Space One Eleven is supported, in part, by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Alabama State Council on the Arts. Additional support comes from Space One Eleven’s Board of Directors, friends of Space One Eleven, corporate and individual donors and volunteers.


(Event image: Domestic Damocles, Kieran Barnett Moore)

Women with their Work III: Materiality Open Gallery with Artist Talks

Women with their Work III: Materiality is the third and final exhibition in Space One Eleven’s Women with their Work series, which is co-curated by Dr. Jessica Dallow of UAB and Space One Eleven’s Peter Prinz. Artists in the exhibition are Sara Garden Armstrong, Janice Kluge, and Camille Goulet of Birmingham; Erin Cunningham and Beili Liu of Austin; and Shervone Neckles of Queens.


Space One Eleven is holding an Open Gallery event, which will include artist talks by Sara Garden Armstrong and Janice Kluge. Free and open to the public.


If you are able to attend, please respond to Amanda Crist at (205)328-0553 or

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