Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Fall Migration Count (NABT)

The format for this count is similar to that used for Audubon Christmas Counts – identify and count all birds seen or heard from dawn to late afternoon/dusk; different groups bird different parts of the refuge and nearby areas. This count is always scheduled during the peak fall migration period. Birders of all skill levels are welcome; we need all the eyes and ears we can get and are usually short-handed on migration counts. We’ll regroup at the Wheeler NWR Interpretive Nature (Visitor) Center (34.547406 -86.951136) around 6 pm for compilation. Since we won’t have a single gathering spot or time for folks to meet and join a group, new participants should contact Dwight Cooley, the count leader. – Dwight Cooley, Leader (256-565-6239; sabrewing@earthlink.net)