Fresh from the bottom of the world – Antarctica adventures of UAB’s Jim McClintock

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Bham Now BOLD Lecturer and UAB explorer Dr. Jim McClintock is providing Bham Now blog posts from his Antarctica trip during the month of January 2017.

Below is week January 8-16 of his journey.

Enjoy Jim’s observations and photography from the bottom of the world!

Gentoo Penquins in Antarctica – Photo from Jim McClintock

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Bham Now BOLD speaker Jim McClintock to make his 24th and 25th journey to Antarctica in 2017

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This past month’s Bham Now BOLD speaker and UAB Polar and Marine Biology Professor Jim McClintock was featured in yesterday, detailing his upcoming 24th and 25th journeys to Antarctica in 2017

Written by’s environmental reporter Dennis Pillion, the profile describes McClintock’s future research efforts in Antarctica which may prove useful for people suffering from cancer to antibiotic resistant infections.

The article also recognizes fellow polar researchers Chuck Amsler, a marine algae and seaweed specialist at UAB, and Bill Baker, a chemist from the University of South Florida. McClintock called himself and his fellow researchers the “Three Musketeers.”

Check out the article below:

UAB researchers look to Antarctica for the next big drug discovery

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