Celebrate National Cheesesteak Day with these 5 Birmingham restaurants

My tummy is rumblin’! Photo via T-Bone’s Authentic Philly Style Cheesesteaks and Hoagies

National Cheesesteak Day is just around the corner on March 24! If you’re going stir-crazy all cooped up (like me), get out and enjoy a curbside Philly Cheesesteak while supporting Birmingham’s local businesses.

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The Lizt: The Birminghamest of Birmingham

I am not Southern. I don’t, despite my frequent use of it online, say ya’ll. I

Sweet tea, Birmingham, Alabama
Courtesy of recipegirl.com

don’t have any pearls, I don’t eat swine, and I’ve only ever been in a church to vote. When people ask if I’m from Birmingham, I say I went to high school in Birmingham and came back for college. I’m a proud Jersey Girl who talks funny and that has absolutely left me bitter.

But, I’ve discovered that Birmingham grows on you and makes you crave things you never knew existed.


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