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Entity Alabama Rivers Alliance
Focus Environment
Address 2014 6th Avenue North, Suite 200
City Birmingham
Facebook @alabama.rivers
Instagram @alabamarivers
Notes Alabama Rivers Alliance is a statewide network of groups working to protect and restore all of Alabama’s water resources through building partnerships, empowering citizens, and advocating for sound water policy and its enforcement.

Entity Black Warrior Riverkeeper
Focus Environment
Address 712 37th Street South
City Birmingham
Notes Twitter: @bwriverkeeper

Entity Cahaba River Society
Focus Environment
Address 2717 7th Ave South, Suite 205
City Birmingham
Notes Founded in 1988, our mission is to restore and protect the Cahaba River Watershed and its rich diversity of life. We impact our central Alabama watershed, the Birmingham metro area, and policy at the state, regional, and national level. Our programs achieve three goals: 1. Inspire River Stewardship 2. Restore the River 3. Build Our Impact.
Donation URL Donate

Entity Cahaba Riverkeeper
Focus Environment
Address 4650 Old Looney Mill Road
City Birmingham
Instagram @Cahabariverkeep
Notes SWIM GUIDE: Know "Is it safe to swim here?"

Entity Coosa Riverkeeper
Focus Environment
Address 102-B Croft Street
City Birmingham
Instagram @coosariverkeeper
Notes Our mission is to protect, restore, and promote the Coosa River and its tributaries in Alabama. We patrol the waters, educate the public, and advocate for the Coosa River and its tributaries in Alabama.

Entity Freshwater Land Trust
Focus Environment
Address 2308 1st Avenue North
City Birmingham

Entity Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens
Focus Environment
Address 2612 Lane Park Rd
City Birmingham
Instagram @bbgardens
Notes A mission-driven membership organization, the Friends of Birmingham Botanical Gardens seeks to protect, nurture, and share the wonders of the Gardens. We are dedicated to serving the Gardens, serving the community, serving our visitors, and inspiring a passion for plants, gardens, and the environment. Join us by becoming a Friend of the Gardens today!

Entity Gasp
Focus Environment
Address 2320 Highland Ave. S, Suite 270
City Birmingham
Facebook @gaspgroup
Instagram @gaspgroup
Donation URL

Entity Red Mountain Park
Focus Environment
Address 283 Lyon Lane
City Birmingham
Instagram @redmountainpark

Entity Ruffner Mountain
Focus Environment
Address 1214 81st street south
City Birmingham
Facebook @ruffnermountain
Instagram @ruffnermt
Notes Ruffner Mountain is a 1,038 acre urban nature preserve in the heart of Birmingham, Alabama providing science and nature education programming, 14 miles of trails, and a protected area for thousands of species of native flora and fauna. It is a site for Citizen Science programs and an array of scientist conducted research projects, including native bat and amphibian surveys, research into the causes of American Chestnut Blight, and groves of new-growth longleaf pine. Each year, through nature education programming and access to green space, it impacts the lives of countless students and scores of schools and universities across the state. Today, Ruffner Mountain’s mission is to advance the understanding of ecology in a rapidly changing world. Ruffner Mountain provides Jefferson County with a unique public resource because it touches on just about every aspect of life — education, employment growth, youth development, pollution control and, not least, public health.

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