Learning Specialists (Math / Literacy)

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Position Overview

The Learning Specialist is responsible for providing personalized support in reading and writing for students needing intervention or acceleration. In this role, educators will have the opportunity to work with students in small groups to help them make academic gains in accordance with their goals. The Learning Specialist adapts units and lessons, possess strong content knowledge in all academic areas, analyzes data in order to modify curriculum, and forms of assessment and sharing of best practices for personalizing learning for all students. The Learning Specialist also supports with our personalized learning educational pillar and the Response to Intervention process.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead small-group instruction for grades K-4
  • Teach a rigorous academic curriculum, which combines the school’s standards and the Alabama State standards, in a high-quality, exciting way
  • Commit to constant professional and personal growth through working closely as part of a team of teachers
  • Constantly assess and analyze student progress, and communicating results to families and colleagues
  • Provide individual or small group instruction for students who need additional assistance
  • Assist in creating personalized learning plans for students
  • Provide an educational program for students with disabilities as defined in the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/or 504 plan
  • Provide intervention services to all students through participation in the Response to Intervention (RTI) process
  • Regularly assess student work and track student achievement data to improve student academic performance
  • Work cooperatively with lead classroom teachers and other staff, interpreting the abilities and disabilities of students, assisting in classroom intervention strategies, modifying general education curricular as necessary, and assisting students with regular class assignments
  • Build authentic relationships with families and collaborate regularly with families and teachers regarding the educational, social, and personal needs of students
  • Work closely with the Director of Scholar Success to serve as case manager, maintaining relative special education student files, completing necessary reports and record keeping as required by state and local policies and procedures
  • Performs other duties as assigned (e.g. substitute teacher, lead guided reading groups, etc.)

Data, Feedback and Constant Learning

  • Pursue challenging professional goals each year
  • Offer support and receive constructive feedback from colleagues in order to create a professional working atmosphere that is conducive to change and growth
  • Participate in school-wide and individual professional development, including both over the summer and weekly during the academic year (held during school hours)
  • Seek to constantly develop and improve teaching practices through ongoing feedback conversations with School Leaders and other school faculty within Legacy Prep
  • Participate in coaching and professional growth opportunities to improve your instructional practice and support others to improve their craft

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Collaborate with dean of teaching and learning and school team to improve instructional, culture-building and leadership skills
  • Attend all professional development, team planning and data analysis meetings
  • Participate enthusiastically in structured and informal learning and development opportunities

Employment Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year educational institution (master’s degree highly preferred)
  • Alabama teacher certification in special education (preferred)
  • A minimum of two years teaching experience,  preferably experience working in an educationally under-resourced community
  • A track record of success in the classroom, with data that you can explain
  • Demonstrated success in raising the achievement levels of traditionally underserved students
  • Skilled at analyzing, interpreting, and using data to collaborate, plan and implement interventions and programming


  • At least two years of full time classroom teaching experience (required)
  • Model effective and high-quality teaching
  • Demonstrated success in raising the achievement levels of traditionally under-served students
  • Extreme flexibility to accommodate multiple priorities and a strong work ethic to accommodate high level of responsibilities
  • Skilled at analyzing, interpreting, and using data to collaborate, plan and implement interventions and programming


  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills
  • High level of personal organization and planning
  • Deep knowledge of literacy and math curriculum and implementation
  • Organizational and people leadership: Understand what makes schools succeed/fail, able to build strong classroom environment and positive contribution to school culture, drive classroom and school change, build strong relationships, and influence/develop others
  • Strong instructional and classroom management skills
  • High level of personal organization and planning
  • Team player: maturity, humility, strong work ethic, follow-through, sense of humor, willingness to respond positively to feedback and a “roll-up-my-sleeves” attitude
  • Adaptable: Manage uncertainty; demonstrate resilience, resolve, and flexibility in face of change
  • Critical thinker and decision-maker: Analyze information and organize thinking to solve problems


  • Self-aware: Aware of own strengths and areas of growth, work relentlessly to improve upon areas of growth, are open to feedback, willing to take personal responsibility, show balance in confidence vs. humility, and behave professionally
  • A passion for being part of a team-oriented, mission-driven school culture
  • Strong belief in the Legacy Prep mission and educational model, including experience implementing – or a passionate desire to learn how to integrate elements of project based learning – personalization and social emotional learning into instruction
  • High moral character
  • Values the importance of working in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable
  • Exhibits a growth mindset as an educator and lifelong learner
  • Positive and effective collaborator
  • Communication: Speak and write effectively. Inspire through communication
  • Personal organization: Prioritize and multi-task effectively. Punctual, prepared, and detail oriented
  • Passionate about continuous improvement