Facilities Coordinator

Website Levite Jewish Community Center

To apply for this job email your details to hr@bhamjcc.org

Facilities Coordinator Job Overview:
Responsible for overseeing maintenance and housekeeping efforts for the Levite Jewish Community Center. Manages maintenance and housekeeping
activities(operations) for the upkeep of buildings, landscapes, vehicles, and offices. In conjunction with the Facilities Director, oversees a range of custodial and maintenance activities. Resolves problems as they arise whether directly or by delegating workers to solve those issues.

Facilities Coordinator Job Duties:
● Work closely with the Facilities Director to coordinate Operations worker efforts to make sure the facilities, like buildings and grounds are kept up
● Identify areas for improvement and assign workers to take care of those issues
● Develop maintenance and cleaning schedules and enforce them among Operations staff
● Respond to emergency calls for maintenance
● Manage the set up and take down of different events
● Perform troubleshooting to solve minor repair issues
● Assist the Facilities Director in making plans for major improvements and communicate plans for to operations staff
● Contact and schedule approved contractors and extra help as needed for work that requires a professional service.
● Perform administrative tasks and reporting as required
● Delegate tasks to meet maintenance and housekeeping schedule

Facilities Coordinator Skills and Qualifications:
Ability to create maintenance and housekeeping schedules, Ability to troubleshoot, Knowledge of structure and grounds to be maintained, Knowledge of maintenance procedures, Knowledge of systems to be maintained (e.g. Electrical, roofing, pool), Ability to lift heavy loads, Physical agility, Manual dexterity, Management experience is preferred, CPO certification is preferred. Experience in maintenance is required. Must be willing to work nights and weekends as required.

To apply for this job email your details to hr@bhamjcc.org