Director of Teaching and Learning

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Position Overview

The Director of Teaching and Learning coordinates curriculum and instructional content, develops instructional leaders, assesses student performance, and coordinates professional development. It is also important that the Director of Teaching and Learning cultivates productive relationships with all members of the school community, including faculty, scholars, and families.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

Vision and Create the Instructional Model

    • With collaboration from the Legacy Prep leadership team and using best practices from around the country, make model decisions that align with Legacy’s goals and values
    • Develop yearly instructional goals and priorities
    • Create schedules and staffing structures that allow for execution of the instructional model
    • Create the master assessment and professional development calendars

Research, Develop and Write Curriculum and Assessments

    • Adapt/develop and execute high-quality, standards-based school curriculum and instructional content consistent with the philosophy, values, and mission of the school
    • Collaborate with instructional operations coordinator to ensure high quality instructional classroom materials in every classroom
    • Lead collaboration with instructional consultants and curriculum partners
    • Adapt and/or develop all assessments and scoring rubrics
    • Create data study tools and protocols

Ensure high quality academic execution

    • Continuously monitor student achievement by analyzing independent work, standardized tests results, and other data points in order to target interventions
    • Clearly articulate student performance goals for each grade level and work with teachers to set measurable student goals in individual classe
    • Observe the instructional model weekly and provide implementation resources to allow for consistent execution across classrooms
    • Create and/or co-create instructional materials (unit plans, scope and sequence. etc.)
    • Create academic professional development for summer learning institute and weekly professional development that mirrors the academic experience we want for scholars
    • Create classroom management and culture professional development to support the creation of a strong learning environment
    • Package and organize professional development to allow for accessibility and sustainability
    • Monitor content team meetings to ensure effectiveness

Lead Instructional Team

    • Develop instructional leaders through weekly coaching, observation, and feedback
    • Plan and facilitate instructional leadership team meetings
    • Plan, implement, and provide ongoing professional development and feedback to all staff
    • Support teachers in developing their classroom management and instructional practice (unit and lesson planning, lesson execution, and collection and use of assessment data)
    • Conduct classroom observations and follow-up with targeted feedback and support to help teachers become even more effective (can be executed through walkthroughs or “coaching the coach”)

Lead Talent Management

    • Develop teacher and leader talent rubrics and performance evaluations
    • Lead performance evaluations aligned to the performance framework
    • Design coaching and performance management structures
    • Recognize and celebrate staff professional growth and success

Operational Support

    • Participate in teacher recruitment and hiring process, in collaboration with the CEO
    • Teach classes when necessary, for coverage purposes or professional development of teachers

Employment Qualifications


    • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year educational institution (master’s degree highly preferred)


    • Experience leading high-performing teams and managing staff, while providing constructive feedback and coaching to team members
    • Experience managing adults; goal-setting, providing meaningful feedback, and setting professional development plans
    • Demonstrated success leading school improvement initiatives that close student opportunity gaps between racial, ethnic, and economic groups


    • Demonstrated success developing academic programs and academic culture
    • Demonstrated success planning staff professional development and leading teams of teachers
    • An analytical view of student progress towards standards
    • Deep knowledge of literacy and math curriculum and implementation
    • Organizational and people leadership: Understand what makes schools succeed/fail, able to build strong classroom environment and positive contribution to school culture, drive classroom and school change, build strong relationships, and influence/develop others.
    • Is solution-oriented and creative problem solver with experience in data analysis and creating and managing systems
    • Instructional Leadership: Strong teacher and leader, with history of results, able to analyze instruction and help others improve their instruction
    • Possess strong pedagogical skills and are highly effective at coaching other adults
    • Deep passion for pedagogy intellectual interest in curriculum development, assessment, and models of instruction
    • Adaptable: Manage uncertainty; demonstrate resilience, resolve, and flexibility in face of change
    • Critical thinker and decision-maker: Analyze information and organize thinking to solve problems
    • Ability to connect with and motivate a diverse community
    • Articulate, professional demeanor with strong self-confidence and initiative


    • Self-aware: Aware of own strengths and areas of growth, work relentlessly to improve upon areas of growth, are open to feedback, willing to take personal responsibility, show balance in confidence vs. humility, and behave professionally
    • Strong belief in the Legacy Prep mission and educational model, including experience implementing – or a passionate desire to learn how to integrate elements of project- based learning – personalization and social emotional learning into instruction
    • Extreme flexibility to accommodate multiple priorities and a strong work ethic to accommodate high level of responsibilities
    • High moral character
    • Values the importance of working in a diverse, inclusive, and equitable
    • Exhibits a growth mindset as an educator and lifelong learner
    • Positive and effective collaborator
    • Communication: Speak and write effectively. Inspire through communication
    • Personal organization: Prioritize and multi-task effectively. Punctual, prepared, and detail oriented