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FLSA STATUS: Salaried/Exempt

SUPVR TITLE: Director of Dining Services

Position Summary

The Chef/Manager will oversee menu planning, production documentation, temperature logs, and Sanitation in accordance with current Federal, State, and local standards, guidelines and regulations.


Essential Responsibilities

Essential ResponsibilityTime Interval
Assist in designing, planning, and oversee fine dining experience, including menus and presentation.Daily
Train kitchen staff in proper procedures for sanitation; supervise and schedule staff; maintain employee records.  Works with the director of dining services, the culinary supervisor, and dining room manager to have a united partnership in leading the staff.Daily
Take weekly inventory of all dining services supplies and food.  Place orders based on Somerby standards as outlined and provides food prior to day of service. Follows the culinary program of Somerby as outlined. Completes end of month inventory and provide to Director of Dining Services timely.Daily
Prepare food when needed in compliance with all applicable food service rules, regulations, and guidelines.  Produces as determined by Culinary Standards.  Ensure high standards of quality food production, nutrition, and portion control.  Ensure sufficient quantity of food is prepared to meet requirements, food is served at proper temperature, appears attractive, and tastes appealing.  Make sure staff is in proper uniform at all times.Daily
Maintain proper sanitation and safety in food preparation areas. Assign cleaning duties to utility staff and production staff as outlined in the Culinary Standards Manual.Daily
Consult with Director of Dining Services on issues of menu planning, care planning, food preparation, therapeutic diets, ordering etc.As needed
Perform other duties as assigned.  Attend in-service classes and staff meetings.As needed


Minimum Job Qualifications

Level of Education
Culinary degree or equivalent training
Technical or Professional License(s)/Certification(s)
Certificate in food service supervision
Prefer additional certification in restaurant sanitation
Level of Experience
At least 5 years of progressively responsible experience in a high-volume, high-end food service environment (hotel/resort).



General Knowledge/Skills/Abilities
Ability to read and write, follow written and oral instructions, and communicate effectively in English.  Ability to work with the elderly in a courteous and friendly manner, demonstrating patience and compassion.  Ability to perform duties with consideration for residents’ rights at all times and demonstrate integrity and discretion in the care of residents and in handling their health information.   Strong interpersonal, organizational, and computer skills.
Technical Skills
Knowledge of the principles of high-end institutional food service, including food planning, preparation, cooking, and storage; dietetics; sanitation.  Solid technical and creative cooking skills.  Proven ability to lead a diverse culinary team.


Inside-Outside Work Contacts

Primary contacts are with co-workers, supervisor, members, and vendors.



The position falls under the direct supervision of the Director of Dining Services but is expected to perform independently and exercise good judgment.  The position supervises, directs, and reviews the work of other employees and participates in performance appraisals and disciplinary action.


Physical/Environmental Demands

On a daily basis, throughout the workday: Must be capable of sitting, standing, walking, climbing stairs, reaching, turning, bending, stooping, crouching and kneeling, reaching over the head, grasping with both hands, and fine manipulation.  Must physically be able to lift up to 40 pounds unassisted.  Must physically be able to carry, transfer, push and pull, and reposition residents with assistance or using appropriate equipment.  Must have normal eyesight or use corrective lenses.  Must have three-dimensional vision and ability to judge distances and spatial relationships so as to see objects where and as they actually are.  Must be able to recognize colors.  Must be able to hear and distinguish between normal tones and be able to perceive the nature of sounds.  Must be able to exchange ideas by means of the spoken word as well as engage in activities to convey detailed or spoken instructions to other workers accurately, loudly, and/or quickly.  Must have normal sense of touch and smell.



Work Environment
Works in well-lighted, well ventilated building.  Must be able to tolerate occasional exposure to heat, cold, dust, fumes, odors, water, etc., as well as some noise.  When outside, must be able to tolerate exposure to weather, fluctuations in temperature (hot, cold), wet and/or humid conditions.  Subject to frequent interruptions.  Subject to hostile or emotionally upset individuals.  Must be willing to work, when necessary, beyond normal working hours and on weekends, as well as in other positions as necessary.
The position requires exposure to some risk to physical and/or mental health and safety (i.e., physical assault, communicable disease, etc).
Exposure Classification
Work related tasks assigned to this position involve the potential exposure as classified in Category II by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  See the facility Exposure Control Plan for potential exposure classification and standard operating procedures for individualized tasks.


This position may include access to Protected Health Information (PHI) as defined within the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Privacy and Security Rule.  PHI refers to individually identifiable health information that is transmitted or maintained in electronic media or any other form or medium.  Under the direction of the Privacy/Security Officer, employees who have access to PHI will receive training on the requirements of the Rule and the Somerby at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen health information policies and procedures.  Employees who violate the requirements of the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule are subject to discipline, up to and including termination.

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