7 Every Day Conservation Tips for Drought Living

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Now that the drought has reached a Stage 3 warning, meaning we have graduated to an extreme drought, we are faced with new water conservation issues. Your same everyday water usage might help land us in a water shortage. So when in drought, conserve it out! Here are 8 easy, everyday tips to help you save our precious water.

Precious Water

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Top 3 Juiciest Places in Bham

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Juicing Birmingham Juice Bars

Juicing in Birmingham is becoming more and more popular. With the added benefits for your health and the creative juicing combos, it is a fast growing fad throughout our city. Whether you want to take the juicing lifestyle plunge or just wanna try a really healthy drink, here are three places for you.

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A Guide to your Fave Bham Murals

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If you are like me you love the Birmingham Murals spread across our city. If you are also like me you may sometimes get a bit lost looking for them for your next photo op. Don’t worry, there will be no more wandering through the city confused. Here is a guide to some Birmingham mural favorites for your next mural adventure.

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25 Birmingham Art Prints You Need in Your Life

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We’re kicking off a new series where we find and gather the unique arts and crafts inspired by all things local. Here is a list – in no particular order – of 25 Birmingham art prints that you need in your life!

Whether you’re dressing up your walls or gifting to a friend, I dare you to go through this list without purchasing one of these beautiful prints.

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Our Guide to Bham’s Farmers Markets

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If you are looking for fresh, local produce, or maybe even artisan crafts and jewelry, Birmingham has the best of the best. Over the past few years, farmers markets have been popping up all over our city and there are a lot more in our area than you may know of. So, whether you are on a local produce kick or you just want to support our local artists, follow our guide to Birmingham’s Farmers Markets.

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