REV Birmingham’s Big Pitch Winners and live kick-off coverage

Winners of REV Birmingham's The Big Pitch
Winners of REV Birmingham’s The Big Pitch

2016 winners of THE BIG PITCH, presented by PNC are:

$5,000 People’s Choice: Domestique Coffee

$5,000 2nd Place: Party Boutique Kids

$15,000 grand prize: Tropicaleo!

Bham Now’s Vicky Lewis joined the crowds at Thomas Jefferson Towers this afternoon to hear THE BIG PITCH, presentations.  Ten finalists participated in a business boot camp to prepare their pitch in front of judges,investors, and a live audience.   Catch the kick-off of todays event.

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Innovation Hackathon 2016 – Health Care Meets Tech Guru’s

Birmingham is known for many things, but above others, UAB has created a massive presence with the Healthcare industry and the Innovation Depot has spurred a huge amount of growth through technology. 

Photo By:
Photo By:
The two met last weekend for the 2nd annual Innovation Hack at the Velocity Accelerator – Here are the details…

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Alabama Named in the Top 10 of Greatest States for Business

The saying, “The south will rise again” may not have been said pertaining to the rise of business in the south, and how it is becoming a large player, but maybe it should have.

In the most recent Site Selection Magazine rankings, Alabama scores an 83/100, #9 out of 25 states, with the best business climates.
Photo By: Site Selection
Photo By: Site Selection

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Breweries are Becoming a Hot Commodity in Bham – District Brews Coming Soon

Since the rise of Avondale, Good People Brewing, and many more, Birmingham has not been the same. Attraction toward downtown continues to rise not only with consumers, but with new businesses being interested in our growth. 

Next brewery up, District Brewing Co. 


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State Parks Amendment 2 wins in landslide – Yes vote nears 80%

DeSoto State Park

According to the latest unofficial results posted on the Secretary of State’s website, State Parks Amendment 2 garnered 79.80 percent of the votes in favor of the constitutional amendment.

The tally with 61 of the 67 counties reporting:

Yes – 1,267,557  – 79.80%

No – 320,856 – 20.20%

Amendment 2 was the top vote-getter among the 14 constitutional amendments astonishingly receiving 212,000 more “yes” votes than any other ballot measure.

“Alabamians have once again shown their support for our state parks. This is a tremendous win for conservation and for our state’s most precious places,” stated Tammy Herrington, Executive Director, Conservation Alabama in an email to supporters.

Paper and Tech Join Forces to Help Aspiring Authors

Birmingham has found its place in the United States economy as a future leader in technology and innovation. To further this mission, companies from all sectors continue to meld tech into their everyday practices.

For example, Books-a-Million is integrating technology to make it easier for local authors to “self-publish”; a perfect example of innovating and inviting the world of technology into a market place that has been thriving for centuries. 


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Yet Another “Mixed-Use” Project for Downtown

First Avenue North has seen a ton of action within the last few years, and it won’t be stopping anytime soon. 

The renovation of 4 buildings near Morris ave. will be transformed to accommodate living and commercial usage – raising the value of the already popular mid-day and nightlife scene.
Photo By: AppleSeed Workshop
Photo By: AppleSeed Workshop

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This is what I20/59 could look like! See examples from Atlanta and Dallas. (Part 3/3)


By Cary Estes

I20/59 lowered proposal
Rendition of lowered I20/59 with park on top

The March of the Millennials has replaced the White Flight of the 1960s and ‘70s. For several decades, urban areas throughout the United States – including Birmingham – steadily lost residential population to the surrounding suburbs. There were a variety of reasons for this, including racial and social issues. But the bottom line was that many downtowns were active only during business hours, with the buildings and streets becoming deserted beginning at 5:01 p.m. each day.

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Bham Now interview with Bloomberg’s Justin Fox

Bloomberg View's Justin Fox
Bloomberg View’s Justin Fox

Yesterday, Bloomberg View columnist and former Birmingham News reporter and writer Justin Fox delivered a presentation to the Rotary Club of Birmingham about the U.S. Economy and the upcoming Presidential election.

This afternoon, Bham Now’s Pat Byington caught up with Fox at Rushton Park on Birmingham’s Southside to talk about Birmingham, the state of Alabama and a little politics, including how the financial markets will react to Clinton and Trump.

Here is the link to the Bham Now’s Facebook page with the  “Facebook Live interview.”

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4 Reasons why Hoover was ranked in the Top 50 Best Places to Live

This past week, the 24/7 Wall St. Website ranked our very own Hoover, AL as one of the best places to live in the country. Out of 550 U.S. cities, Hoover made the cut at number 49 based on a host of factors such as crime rates and employment growth. Here are four reasons why Hoover was ranked amongst the best.


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Brother can you spare a quarter? Why is gas cheaper in the burbs?


While driving down Highway 280 last night, I was taken aback at the price of gasoline.  Traveling south just past the Best Buy/Target shopping area, I spotted this BP/Circle K (below) selling gas at $1.93 a gallon.  It wasn’t a fluke. Further down Highway 280 there were additional stations selling regular gas between $1.93 to $1.99.

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