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Memorial Day Trail Race

May 23, 2020 @ 8:00 am

Read Time 6 Minutes

Memorial Day Weekend 6 and 12 Mile Trail Race
“Run to the Top of Double Oak Mountain”
Saturday, May 23rd, Oak Mountain State Park, Pelham, Alabama, south of Birmingham. 

The race will start at 8AM at the Redbud Pavilion, near the BMX Track on Tranquility Rd.
**Race shirts are included with registration but you must register before May 11th to get a shirt**

Race Results are posted on Ultrasignup.com – Upper right

Directions to the Start: 
From Hwy 280 – The North Entrance: Turn off of Hwy 280 heading west on Hwy 119, Cahaba Valley Rd.  Drive 3.2 miles to the Oak Mountain State Park entrance at Oak Mountain Lake Rd. The OMSP sign is on our right where you turn off Hwy 119. It is small and easy to miss.  Turn left at the Pay Booth onto John Findley Dr. and Follow the park road 4.4 miles to Tranquility Rd on your left.  (Just past the 4-mile post.)  The Redbud Pavilion is the first pavilion on your right. Map from Hwy 280.   Total distance from Hwy 280 is 7.7 miles.
From I 65 the South Entrance: take Hwy 119 (Cahaba Valley Rd) exit off Interstate 65.  Turn right on Hwy 119 for about 100 ft get in the left turn lane. Turn left at the intersection with State Park Rd and drive 1.9 miles to the intersection with John Findley Dr. and turn left into the park.  Drive 4.3 miles to the right turn into Tranquility Rd.  (Just before the 4-mile post.)  The Red Bud Pavilion is the first pavilion on your right. Map from I-65 at Hwy 119.  Total distance from I 65, 6.4 miles. There will be large “Race Banners with directional arrows leading the way. Just follow them.

Follow the Race Banners to the start.

Weekend Schedule:​
Friday, May 22nd – Packet Pickup and Late Registration is at the Mountain High Outfitters Summit Store. The store is located at 310 Summit Blvd #110, Birmingham, AL 35243, next door to Urban Outfitters on the north side of Summit Blvd.
Saturday, May 23rd – 7:00 to 7:50 AM – Late registration and package pickup will be open form about 7:00 AM at the Redbud Pavilion, location of the start and finish.
Runners registering after May 25th Will not receive a race shirt.  Please register early. The entry fee into the park is $5 per person.
Registration Fee:  Registration for the 6 mile race is $ 40.00 and the 12 mile race is $ 50.00 if you register before May 13th.

Saturday, May 23rd – 8:00 AM – Start of the 6 and 12 mile races.

​The Memorial Day Race likely be very hot. All runners should carry water at all times on the course. Last year, 6 mile runners finish times ranged from 50 minutes to over 2 hours. 12 mile times ranged from 1:45 to over 4 hours. There is NO water on the course except at the start/finish aid station. Be sure to carry enough to get you back to the finish. Hydration belts and packs work fine. Hand held bottles are also good.

​​First Place Male and Female winners – 6 & 12 Mile will each receive a gift certificate good for 1 pair of pair of Salomon Trail Shoes.

6 Mile and 12 Mile Winners:  Awards will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall, Male and Female. 
Masters 40 – 49, Grand Master 50 – 59 and Ultra Grand Master 60+ Male and Female
14 and Under award will be given for the 6 mile – Male and Female.

Guidelines for the 2020 Memorial Day “Weekend” Trail Race – COVID-19 REQUIREMENTS

​The Race will start at Redbud Pavilion located on Tranquility Road adjacent to the BMX Track. The race starts at 8:00 AM. The start will be a time trial start. That is, each runner will start 5 seconds after the previous runner.

Race Registration at Redbud – Start/Finish – for Runners that did not Preregister
1. If possible, register at Mountain High Outfitter Friday afternoon at the Summit.
2. Please print the online registration form and bring it with you. Fill it out at home.
3. We will have a “flagged off” section to line up along during registration and packet pickup.
4. There will be two lines. One for “Preregistered Runners,” one for those registering at the race.
5. Keep social distance while in line. (stay 6 Feet away from the person in front of you)
6. We will Post instructions on proper registration procedures.
7. Do not enter the pavilion during registration.

Race Procedures  **** You MUST read this section****
1. We will use a time-trial start for the Memorial Day Trail Race.
2. Runners will line up in bib number order. (like getting on a Southwest Airlines Flights)
3. Runners will be started 5 seconds apart.
4. Bib numbers are assigned based on your recent 10K or 5K time.
5. We did not collect times for those registering in the full series or before we stopped accepting registrations. You may need to reposition yourself in the line.
6. There should be not more than 10 or 12 runners in the start line at any one time.
7. Do not line up early unless your bib is 1-10. Wait at a reasonable distance. We will announce where we are in the count every 10 to 12 runners. (about once each minute)
8. Bib numbers start with “1” and go through however many runners as we have.
9. Do not line up until we are within about 10 numbers of your bib # at the start.
Please note:  it is not critical that you start in the exact order of your bib. If you miss your start position, just get in line further back. Your start time is recorded when you cross the start lie.

Running the Race
1. Start positions are based on estimated speed. Everyone will likely have to pass some slower runners during the race.
2. If you need to pass a slower runner, please ask the person in front to allow you to pass.
3. If a runner comes up behind you, ask if they would like to pass.
4. The person being overtaken should step off the trail to allow the faster runner to pass.
5. Be courteous and safe. (If you are in a race for 1st, rules 2 through 4 do not apply)

Aid Station Procedures   ****Must Read*****  
12 Mile runners will pass though the Start/Finish aid station at mile 6. Please follow these guidelines.
The best and safest option for an aid station.
1. Your best option is bringing your own food and drink to the race.
2. Setup a personal aid station. There is plenty of room.
3. Or, Carry enough supplies with you for the entire 12 miles.

If you plan to use the aid station.
1. We will have food and water on a table behind aid station volunteers.
2. A second table will be setup in front. This is where runners will pick up supplies.
3. Tell the aid station volunteer what you need, they will place it on the front table in front for you to pick up.
4. Do not touch anything on the back table or enter the pavilion.
5. Water – We will place cups on the table for you to fill you bottle or hydration pack.
6. Do not hand your bottle or hydration pack to a volunteer.
7. Tailwind – If you want Tailwind, same as above. We will place a cup on the table for you.
8. *** DO NOT place your used cup or food container back on the table. Throw it in the trash container next to the table. ***
9. All aid station volunteers will be wearing masks and gloves.

The Cookout to Follow
1. Logan Cook will be preparing food for most 2020 races. The area around the grills will be cordoned off.
2. A volunteer will take your order and put the food on a plate.
3. Tell the volunteer what you need, how much, condiments needed and if you need silverware.
4. The plate will be placed on the table for you to pick up.
5. Drinks will be in coolers within the cordoned off area. Ask for what you need.
6. Line up for food along the same flagging used for registration.
7. Maintain the 6 foot social distance guidelines.
8. A few runners will be allowed in the pavilion to eat but safe distance must be maintained.
9. For safety we suggest taking your food outside or to your car.
10. If the weather is nice, we will move some tables out under the trees.
11. We will post instructions at the pavilion.

Memorial Day Course Map:


Start of the 2017 ​Memorial Day Trail Race

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May 23, 2020
8:00 am


Oak Mountain State Park
Tranquility Road
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